7 moves to prepare your home in winter!

October is leaving, autumn has officially arrived and we are back to everyday life. So the time has come for the real preparation of our home for autumn and winter!

Fall, as the harbinger of the busiest season of the year, winter can be seen in many ways as the calm before the storm. This weekend is your chance to get ahead of the curve and get your home ready for fall with the following small jobs or even… some of them!

Door aerostop and window insulation tape

By getting the aerostops in the doors and windows so they are not in proper condition and seal the protection, before the cold starts. If you replace them with new door airstops and window insulation tape.

Prepare quilts and blankets

It’s time to take down the winter covers from the closet.

Air out and freshen quilts and blankets so they’re all ready when possible.

It’s also an opportunity to clear out, so keep your favorites (the ones you really need) and donate the rest!

How to choose the right carpet for your space!

Consider economical and alternative solutions for heating your home

The electric blanket that will preheat, in the hidden winter nights, your bed and keep it warm throughout the night.

You place it above the mattress and under the sheets and you have the most peaceful and warm sleep. It has incredibly low power consumption and will heat you economically.

It is important that the electric blanket you buy is certified and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Autumn decoration of your home

For the next months of 2022, give your home an autumn color until you tackle Christmas decorations.

Autumn leaves, wreaths, dried flowers and pumpkins come into play!

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