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“TO CHROMA IKE”, which employs 14 people, complies with all measures and obligations related to the implementation of the provisions of Part II of Law 4808/2021 for the prevention and treatment of all forms of violence and harassment, including violence and gender-based and sexual harassment.

The purpose of this notice is to create and consolidate a work environment that respects, promotes and ensures human dignity and the right of every person to a world free from work and harassment.

The “brand name” through its legal representative declares that it recognizes and respects the right of every employee to a work environment free of violence and harassment and that it does not tolerate such behavior, of any form, by any person.

This information is posted in the workplace and is made available to all employed personnel in accordance with Article 5 d) of Law 4808/2021 and covers the persons referred to in paragraph 1 of Article 3 of Law 4808/2021, i.e. employees and employed by the company under their contractual status.

A. Preventing and combating violence and harassment at work

a) measures to prevent, control, limit and deal with these risks, as well as to monitor such incidents or forms of behavior.

Indicative measures and administrative practices to prevent and control the risks of violence and harassment may include: Encouragement to maintain a working climate where respect for human dignity, cooperation and mutual assistance are key values. Open communication with the employer and direct supervisors and colleagues. Report/complaint management process. Ensuring that employees have the training/information to perform their duties, particularly in jobs that have a higher risk of incidents of violence and harassment. Measures of a technical nature, such as installation of an emergency notification, improvement of lighting, etc. Actions to raise employees’ awareness of healthy behavioral patterns (e.g. avoiding addictions), but also for issues concerning vulnerable categories of employees. Guidance and support for victims of violence and harassment or victims of domestic violence to reintegrate into the workplace. Employee training in violence incident management procedures. Evaluation on a regular basis of the effectiveness of applied preventive measures and countermeasures and review / update of risk assessment and measures.

b) actions to inform and raise awareness among staff.

For example, the information may state that in the context of raising awareness among employees, the employer may, among other things: Organize targeted staff meetings to discuss relevant issues and address potential risks in a timely manner. Hold seminars with mental health professionals or counseling service providers, representatives of voluntary organizations, etc. To encourage the participation of employee representatives and management executives in training programs and educational seminars on the recognition and management of the risks of violence and harassment at work.

c) information on the rights and rights of the employer’s employees, as well as the persons who exercise managerial authority or represent the employer, to the extent and degree of their own responsibility, in the event of the occurrence or reporting or complaint of such incidents, as well and for the related procedure.

Regarding the potential of the victim: Through the information, the employer informs the staff that in case a person is affected by an incident of violence and harassment during access to work, during the working relationship or even if the contract or relationship in the project . context in which the incident is alleged to have occurred or the behavior has ended, has: a) right to judicial protection, b) appeal, filing a complaint and application for a labor dispute to the Labor Inspectorate, within the framework of its statutory powers, c) reference to Citizen’s Advocate, within the framework of his statutory powers, as well as d) complaint within the company in accordance with the political management of complaints. In any case, when such behavior is reported within the company, the affected person retains every right to appeal to any competent authority.

Regarding the details: The employer also informs the staff and has in a prominent place the details of the responsibilities of the administrative authorities, to which any affected person has the right to appeal (Labour Inspectorate, Ombudsman), and in particular to be informed about the telephone line complaints of the Labor Inspectorate through the citizen service line 1555, as well as for the immediate psychological support and counseling service for victims of gender violence, they cannot contact the SOS Line 15900.

Regarding the rights and consequences of non-compliance in the context of the employment relationship, as provided for in articles 12-15 of Law 4808/2021 and completed at the company level.

d) designation of a reference person (“liaison”) to guide and inform employees regarding the prevention and treatment of violence and harassment at work.

e) employment protection and the support of working victims of domestic violence, if possible, by any appropriate means or reasonable adjustment.

B. Procedure for receiving and reviewing complaints

a) safe and easily accessible communication channels for receiving complaints and identifying competent persons for their examination.

b) investigating and examining complaints impartially and protecting the confidentiality and personal data of victims and complainants.

c) prohibition of retaliation against the affected person (Article 13 of Law 4808/2021).

d) description of the consequences upon detection of violations (article 12 par. 2 Law 4808/2021).

e) cooperation and provision of any relevant information to the competent authorities, if requested.

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