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Elastomer sealant acrylic paint

ACRYLINE ELASTIC is an optimum quality water-based paint for exterior vertical use. Main features are Acrylic 100%, waterproofing, elastic, internal crosslinked and UV crosslinking binder. Characterised by high elasticity and the ability to hire line crack bridging up to 1mm, giving also absolute waterproofness against rainwater. It retains film elasticity through time over a temperature range between -25 oC and 80oC and harsh weather conditions. It protects from CO2 aggression to concrete and also features excellent opacity and surface coverage with great workability, while applying easily and flowing perfectly. Also offers very good adhesion to older and new surfaces, giving extremely high weather resistance and a long-life film.
White and an additional wide range of shades through the coloring system THE XRO.MA COLOR SYSTEM.
ACRYLINE ELASTIC is available in packages of 0.75lt, 3lt, 10lt.
Technical Specifications Download the pdf

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