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High resistance silicone varnish

VERNICHROM EXTRA is a premium quality enamel paint created from special mixture of elastic and hard performance alkydic resin intended to be used on new or old wooden and metallic surfaces. It features high gloss durability and resistance in aging and weather exterior conditions possessing elasticity together with hardness and surface coverage. It is characterised by ease of application and excellent workability to a gloss and optimum adhesion result final film. It is suitable for exterior use and very well-ventilated indoor areas.
White, Black, 20 fixed shades in 0.375lt, 0.750lt and 10 fixed shades in 2.5lt packages
EXTRA VERNICHROM is available in containers of 0.375lt and 0.75lt (20 shades), 2.5lt (10 shades).
Technical Specifications Download the pdf

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