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Elastomer acrylic, insulating and waterproofing paint for roofs.

ROOFTOP INSULATION is an elastomeric water-based product that is produced with acrylic copolymers and is used for waterproofing of horizontal flat roofs and also in curved ceramic tiled surfaces.It has a very high elasticity and resists in systolic and diastolic movements of hair line capillary gaps in all type of surfaces of concrete, metal or wood.It is high weather resistance and high durable for a long time. It provides whiteness and solar reflectivity. It offers a very good energy saving performance lowering the surface temperatures and adequately the energy consumption for cooling the interior of buildings underneath.
White and tile.
ROOFTOP INSULATION is available in packages of 0.75 lt, 3 lt, 10 lt.
Technical Specifications Download the pdf

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