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Spring and summer are the perfect times to make changes in our home and especially to plan to paint the walls.

Our mood is lifted and of course we become more creative. The good spring weather is an ally to make big changes in your home, unlike when the temperature is 5 degrees or when it rains.

What are the living room colors that will light up your space?

The color of mint: One of the wall colors that has made a strong comeback in home spaces this year is the color of mint. This shade has been loved a lot, especially in the living room, since it brightens it up and gives it shine, while together with white they form a wonderful combination. combining the mint color with blue and white details on the sofas and curtains. If you intend to install a wooden floor in your home, don’t forget to read the article we prepared.

Rose quartz: Rose quartz is an exquisite and romantic shade that can be harmoniously combined with other patterns and colors. Although bolder earth tones dominate this year, pink continues to be a timeless choice that pairs perfectly with other great living room colors. Blue, white, off-white, beige and gray are just some of the colors with which you could create amazing combinations.

Beige-Cream: The “cream” shade is an excellent choice for painting the interior walls of the house for many reasons. The first and foremost is that it “binds” beautifully with all styles, colors, floors and furniture. Whether you are a fan of modern decoration or traditional, cream is one of the most beautiful options. It “opens up” the space and lets the light travel throughout the room! Especially if your living room area has a large opening and you want to choose a timeless color that won’t bind you, don’t think about it! Beige is the safest choice.

Apalo Lahani: The most popular wall colors that will dominate the spaces of our homes this year, are inspired above all by Nature. The open air creates a very pleasant mood, opens up the space and gives “character” to the room. Especially when combined with earth tones and wooden furniture or floors, it fills the house with warmth, beautifying the atmosphere. You can make a choice in retro style by combining green with a more intense experimental shade of orange or yellow. Feel free to add some indoor plants to compose an even brighter environment.

White: White is among the most timeless and safe living room colors. The margin of error is eliminated and that is why many prefer it. It matches everything and naturally brightens up the room. What we will suggest is to avoid painting all the walls white. You can “play” with the combination of different colors. Paint the central wall of the room white and the rest in a vibrant shade of blue, pink or green. Choose the same combination for the sofa cushions or the carpet in the living room.

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