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Lately, the decoration with many frames has become fashionable. If you want to adopt this fashion too, you need to avoid some classic mistakes.

See below what they are:

Use single sized arrays

When hanging frames on the walls you should choose two or three projects that are larger in size than the others so you can make the eye focus somewhere. Place the larger works toward the center of the composition and enclose them with smaller paintings.

You do not think about the composition of the composition beforehand

Before hanging the frames you need to make a preparation on the wall to see exactly where and in what arrangement you will hang the signs. Lay the boards on the floor and make the design, and only after you decide to start hanging – starting with the large boards.

Mistakes you make when hanging frames!

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo

To create the right composition you need to have table choices and not randomly make different tables you have. There must be a common point of contact or a common theme.

You forget the color

When preparing your composition you should also think about the dominant colors. Choose a basic color and enrich it with older shades by giving color to the frames or put all the colors in the game and choose more neutral frames.

You do not leave the right distances

When hanging the paintings, make sure to leave the right distances and do not stick the works of art together because the result will be tiring for the eye. If a painting is too thin then give it a little more space to be seen.

You do not put your imagination to work

If you see your composition and realize that you do not like something, then enrich it with other decorative elements such as mirrors, materials with different textures, such as a woolen piece of fabric, monograms or paintings with logos.

What shade has flooded Pinterest?

You only select ready-made tables

When creating a composition you can create paintings yourself. Print ads from earlier times that you like, or pick quotes that you love. Put a frame and so you will have your own painting exactly the way you want it.

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