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Color plays a decisive role in our lives. That is why we attach so much importance to the colors that surround us, whether it is the clothes we wear or the decoration of our home. Some relax us, others fill the space with energy, while there are some that can even help us concentrate. While we spend a lot of time on the interior design of our space, we are rarely concerned with the exterior colors of houses.

Rarely will you see the exterior paintable house stray from white, off-white, or gray. Perhaps because it is a big expense and a task that is done much more rarely than painting the interior walls, we are afraid to leave the classic options. This is a safe choice, which you will not regret in the long run. Today we will look at the timeless exterior wall colors in photos to help you decide which one would suit your home best!

  1. Exterior Walls in White Color

As in all other aspects of our life, so also in the facade of the house, the exterior colors of the walls play an extremely important role in the first impression that someone will create. And this is because they form our first image of the house. White is one of the favorite exterior house colors in our country. Classic, clean, neutral, it is quite difficult to create negative impressions. Since white, however, gets dirty easily, it should be taken care of at regular intervals to always look great.

5 Exterior House Colors That Win Impressions!

  1. Exterior wall colors in ocher tones

The shade of sand is another timeless choice if you’re looking for exterior home colors with timeless value. On the plus side, we must of course note that it matches the style of decoration you want to give to your home. Whether you choose traditional wooden frames or prefer modern aluminum frames, the colors that move to ocher tones will “tie” perfectly with the exterior appearance of your home.

  1. Exterior House Colors in Shades of Salmon

The body and wash pink is a very special choice for painting the exterior walls of a house. They take us to Southern Italy and give an air of luxury to the appearance of the residence. Since this is not an option that we meet every day on the streets of our country, you should consider whether these colors can be harmonized with the external environment and the landscape of your neighborhood. If you live in a seaside area or in the mountains, the body will definitely win the impressions. You can even try a special wall technique, such as the Italian “spugnato”.

  1. Colors for Exterior House Painting in Light Grey

Gray is one of the top colors on the market for both exterior and interior painting of a home. If you are looking for a color that can be easily combined with all types of frames, with the surrounding space and other elements, such as stone and wood, then light gray is the best choice. It combines beautifully with wooden pergolas and stone details on the exterior walls.

  1. Combination of Colors in Exterior Painting of the House

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a single color in your exterior home painting, the best solution is to combine them. You can put one side of the wall in a light shade and the other in a darker one. For details of the space, such as columns, eaves or shutters, choose contrasting shades. If the wall is a light shade, for example, choose a darker shade for other elements of the room. Ideally, choose light shades for the sides of the house that see the sun the most.

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