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We’ve all seen or decorated a house or Christmas tree in a totally kitsch way. But now is the right time to do it in an absolutely chic way!

If there’s one thing kids love at Christmas, it’s warm and green decorations. Granted, the thousands of lights with different colors and sounds attract their interest, but maybe the time will come for you to enjoy the custom a little.

Our purpose is to take something from the Scandinavian logic of decoration and to fit into the Christmas season. Colors reminiscent of a real forest, real branches and pine cones for realism, with wire lights around and in between.

Create, add warm fabrics and if you want the perfect one buy a real tree and put it with its pot near a window to survive.

After all, Christmas celebrates life, not a fake or cut tree.

The 12 ideas for warm Christmas Decoration in absolutely elegant style, starting now!

  • A huge Christmas tree with small lights, pine cones and nothing else, may look simple in the eyes of the average Greek who wants the tree to be extravagant, but it is certainly tasteful.

  • Socks can be decorated around the fireplace and fir branches can be placed in various places. The neutral color palette with the many natural materials are the best friends and this is more than obvious.

  • A winter forest scene emerges from the living room. Fake cotton snow, wreaths of pine cones, small trees, garlands and stars, Christmas tablecloths, a festive realistic landscape, as if the animals of the forest decided to celebrate.

  • We keep all the options and the neutral color palette compensates you once again. Think seriously about placing an owl instead of a star on top of the tree, and with the children or grandchildren, cut out reindeer and deer and decorate them.

  • Brown cardboard christening boxes can’t hide a beautiful charm for all your guests and decorated with twine and (a little) gold dust. Use burlap, pine cones and twigs to decorate the table, making a unique setting for the Christmas table!

  • The wooden paneling on the walls is enough to give a warm festive feel. But even if you don’t live in a cabin in the woods, you can decorate the space with a little wood, place sheepskin rugs, blankets and fur throws, giving a style of luxury and warmth. Give the tree a snowy look and place thin lights and the decoration is ready!

  • The good thing about Greece is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a rustic authentic Christmas style. We’ve got pine trees, we’ve got pine cones, so find some pine cones and twigs and spray paint them gold, red or silver with gold dust. Complete with Christmas pillows that you will find here and a few candles. You will have an amazing Christmas table!

  • It is not possible to have Christmas in the living room and the dining room and in the rooms nothing! Decorate the bedroom with socks that will either highlight a feature or contrast. Put garlands and pine cones and bring Christmas to the bedroom. The biggest lie of Christmas is that “it’s a holiday for children”, while adults need carefree or a look that will bring a smile to their face.

  • If you have a fireplace, it would be good to decorate the wood next to it in one of the dozens of ways we have shown you. A few beautiful fabrics, furs and sheepskin, some wine and a lit fireplace is what you will do for the holidays!

  • An elegant Christmas does not mean that it requires the total absence of color. With neutral colors, go with your color palette of cypress (the true European Santa Claus costume color for the record), red and bright blue. Place fur throws, red velvet and Christmas pillows and Christmas in the warmest and make it lively.

  • The entrance and the hall must of course put guests in the mood. Wreaths and decorations made of pine cones can be used everywhere, giving the right style to the house as a whole. Don’t forget the console and the rest of the furniture in the entrance: this year it made a difference and put a decorated wooden boat on the console or the dining table!

  • When it comes to fabrics and Christmas decorations, chunky knit sofa throws and soft fabrics are sure winners! Bet on a similar texture for pillows, blankets or even carpets and armchairs. The stylish decor features knits, furs, sheepskin and linen, so your options are endless!

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