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Nature and sustainability compose an old nuance that inspires us to renew our homes inside and out.

Imagine a rainbow with earthy hues starring the hot sunset, autumn leaves, wood and even stone. Earthy shades with warm tones, a harmony of warm and natural colors, the ones that will dominate in 2024.

Find all the shades through our fan..

Earth tones with warm tones, shades of brown, beige, terracotta, greige, off white, orange yellow and a harmony of warm and natural colors.

The Reasons You Can’t Resist Earthy Shades

Earthy shades are timeless and are always a safe choice in decoration. The reason one cannot resist is not just one but many more. There are many colors on earth and certainly in some of them we show a special preference. There are also some colors with which they are impressed because of their richness or diversity. However, resisting the natural colors that surround us is indifferent, and this is because we are simply exposed to this time we are born. They are the natural flow of life and they are stimuli that have been recorded as stereotypes in our DNA. Easy to mix and match Trying to mix and match earthy colors is a particularly easy thing to do and almost certainly doesn’t have a lot of misfires in the end result.

Calm and relaxation.

Earth color combinations cannot evoke emotion or nervousness as many other colors can. This is mainly because earth tones combine harmoniously with each other without showing strong contrasts even if they are different color groups. As a result, earth tones are suitable for spaces where relaxation and tranquility play a leading role.

So as.

The earth tones lend themselves to many alternative combinations. However, they can easily and effortlessly adopt elements of intensity and shine and bring about an amazing and luxurious effect without exaggerations and failed decorative interventions.

It is always in fashion.

No matter how many years pass, no matter how fashion changes directions, earth tones will never go out of style because there is simply no fashion trend that does not include these shades in its agenda.

Stay in the same “family” of colors.

If you want earth tones to prevail in your home, then you can paint your walls in similar shades with colors that come from the same “family” of colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark or light shades. Use both. Also, you can use a different color from the same palette for each room to give each of them its own character.

Mix different shades of beige and brown:

In your kitchen, for example, you can put a very light beige on its walls, a darker beige on the lamps and curtains, and a brown on the kitchen counters, cabinets and drawers.

Choose the rough

Gray is a color that is also very suitable for painting a wall in your home. When choosing an earthy color for a room choose 2 or 3 basic colors. You can, for example, use off-white sofas, a grey-black carpet and tear down your walls. And after putting white, black and gray in the room you can also place a bright yellow vase somewhere to create a beautiful one.


This sweet color will warm up our home this year. Terracotta is an earthy shade that brings a feeling of warmth to every room in the house and this year it is a must.

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