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There are many who love boho but do not know how to incorporate it into their home decor.

Below, enjoy beautiful boho decoration ideas to apply in your living room and make the most boho space in the house. to see them present in the decoration of their home.

Retro aesthetics

Mix the boho decoration with the retro elements. The retro decor is for autumn and the boho for summer. A combination of the two can create the perfect home. Put special decorative frames on your walls and combine them with vintage mirrors. A vintage armchair with a boho cushion on it can create the best backdrop.

Earth tones

It is very easy to bring boho style to the earthy, minimal Scandinavian decor. Just add exotic plants to your space and boho elements (a throw with colors, decorative pillows, a boho rug and everything else) and you want to enjoy the most beautiful space.

Quick changes that can change the living room at no cost!

Put velvet in the game

Velvet is the perfect fabric for fall and winter. So choose a green or blue velvet sofa for a boho living room and enjoy it. Add some oversized gypsum to the space or some gold decoration to emphasize the boho character of the living room.


If you want to add a lot of color to your living room then get inspired by the rainbow. Put colorful decorative pillows in your living room on a sofa in earthy color and retrieve chairs in colorful but also in monochrome earthy shades.

What shade has flooded Pinterest?

Boho mood

Transform a vintage room into a more modern space by putting boho decorations and lots of oversized plants in it. In addition, add throws, pillows and candles and turn your space into the most cozy space of the house.

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