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Blisters appear in various parts of the masonry and in others the paint has burst and peeled off.
  • “Local” lack of primer and paint adhesion.
  • High humidity of the masonry (entering from problematic piping, soil) and inability of the surface to “breathe” satisfactorily, in order to eliminate water vapor.
  • The humidity of the surface when it was very high.
  • The appropriate primer was not used or the primer was too thin or the primer does not work well with the final paint.
  • Surface painting at high temperatures (> 35οC)
  • Poor substrate quality (plaster)

Shade difference

  • As a precaution, the above causes that limit the effects should be done and the new surface should then be primed with water primer or solvent primer. After acrylic paint, which show increased adhesion. It allows the surface to “breathe” and at the same time waterproof it. The “breathable” primer ensures the best possible cooperation with acrylic paints from TOXRO.MA
  • Suppressively, the painted surface should be cleaned of old paints, plastered where needed, primed and painted with the above suggested painting systems.

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