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Mood and Color

Colors are one of the strongest parts of non-verbal communication and nature is in itself a table full of colors…
  • Red is one of the basic colors of Feng Shui, did you know that? In fact, it is considered the luckiest and most optimistic color on the list, as it is a comforting color for people that fills them with hope. So is it possible that we do not want it in our home?
  • Yellow “lifts” our house as the sun rises every morning according to Chinese culture. So try some bright yellow details in the parts of your house and you will immediately feel the change in your psychology.
  • The color of renewal and energy. So the right one for our house in the summer. A serene and relaxing color, green is ideal for a learning environment.
  • The blue of the sea, the color of depth and stability, is ideal for calm and relaxation. Use deep blue for bedrooms and bathrooms while a calm and light blue (blue) for office spaces.
  • A solid color, brown is the color of the earth, a color that has been associated with objects that man loves such as chocolate and coffee. Dare its dark shades for furniture and light shades for your living room or living room.

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  • The energy and passion of red, the joy and vibrancy of yellow cause orange. A warm color that refreshes, excites, and encourages! Ideal choice for children’s room or office as it helps with brain activity.
  • The stability of blue and the optimism of red symbolize strength and ability. Purple, the lighter the more suitable for the office, as it promotes relaxation. On the other hand the darker the more ideal for creative spaces.

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