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What is quality paint?

What are the requirements of a quality paint?

By COLOR, we mean the material that covers a surface by developing a film well adhered to it.

COLOR has a dual role: TO PROTECT and DECORATE.

The Basic Requirements of a Quality Paint are the additional:

  • Coverage
  • Performance
  • Whiteness
  • Properties Applications (Diploma-Thesis)
  • Mechanical Strengths (Washing-Rubbing-Cracking) -Elasticity
  • Stability of Shades
  • Durability over Time (Weather Conditions, Dirt)
  • Stable Quality

Poetic Color must, in other words, have no coverage and performance.

The Quality Paint must withstand washing and rubbing.

Ecological Paints from TOXRO.MA for walls and ceilings all belong to the top category 1 (standard EN 13300) in terms of resistance to wet washing and abrasion.

Quality Exterior Paint is a must

  • to withstand weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation
  • to maintain the vibrancy of the shades
  • not to pop and not to peel
  • to breathe
  • to maintain the whiteness or the shades of the unaltered!
  • to have an aesthetically acceptable perfect finish
  • to have consistent quality!

Above all, however, the Quality Color must be Ecological and Friendly towards Man and the Environment!!!

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