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Did you decide that it was time to renew the color of the walls, but you have no idea what to influence you? Most people find it difficult to decide what color to paint the walls of their home and not unjustly.

There are so many options that it is natural to wonder which is the right one and what will happen if you end up making a wrong decision. To get you out of this predicament we have put together the things that come with making color selection an easy process.

Trust your original instinct

Trust your original instinct Choosing the color of a space sounds simple, but when it comes to the final decision, most people start to question their initial choice or change their mind. Do not fall into this trap. Trusting your original instinct is usually the right thing to do.

First the furniture or the colors?

First the furniture or the colors? If you are planning the space from the beginning and the color selection is the wider process, we advise you to do the basic (large) space first. These will guide you to make your final choice and achieve a consistent result. After all it is easier to paint the walls of your sofa.

Mistakes you make when hanging frames!

The key is in the volume

The key is in volume when it comes time to narrow down the options, there is one element that can make a difference: try to make colors that have intensity. Whether it is light or dark colors, the more intense they are the better they respond to natural light.

Choose the place you will try

Choose the place you will try The place you will try the color plays an important role. If possible try it next to the rosettes on the ceiling and away from the colors of the room that will distract you. If you do not have the patience to do, then choose the lightest of the suggested colors.

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