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Are you thinking of renovating your home and wondering what color to put on your walls, but you can not decide? It is very easy to get lost in the infinite colors and the choices that the color palettes give you. See what colors designers and decorators always use and some ideas to put your spaces, without worrying if you made the wrong choice!

Pale blue-gray

An amazing light blue-gray that fits in many different spaces is one of the favorite choices of designers and decorators. It is one of the colors that get their final shade depending on the lighting and the time of day. Relaxing and special.

Pale gray

This is a bright, classic gray and belongs to the range of neutral colors. It is suitable to combine with furniture that has color or to use it if you want to highlight another part of your space. Gray continues and this year is not one of the strongest shades of the season, but the designers seem to use its softer shades for a more minimal and special result.

Pale beige

Classic and refined, light beige is the neutral version of khaki. It is the balance between warm and cold color. It is also one of the colors that will take the shades of lighting.

Sweet yellow

If you want a yellow that is not too bright, choose this color shown in the image below. Yellows are cheerful, they match the wood and most other colors and give your space a feeling of warmth.

Bright white

If you are of bright colors, then bright white is for you. A very soft off-white with a little warm gray and a note of green. It fits in almost any room of the house.

Sweet pale pink

Sweet and light pink. This color is most suitable for the children’s room. Precisely because the shade of pink is very soft and does not stand out, you can even use it to put your ceilings.

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Bright gray

Bright gray, with warm shades is an even better choice. This classic color creates a sense of unification and makes the space look calm and relaxed. 

Bright white

If you have decided that you want to paint your walls white, but you do not know which white to choose, this color is the best choice. There may be many whites, but a bright white is one of those colors that never disappoints.

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Pure Gray

Most pale gray shades may look the same to you but this is not the case for designers. They can not distinguish dozens of shades of gray easily and quickly. Pure gray is a gray suitable for sophisticated decor. At the same time, however, it can become warm when combined with white.


If you want a great neutral color that will match perfectly with almost all other colors, try gray. It uniquely combines beige with gray and will make your space look very welcoming and refined.

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