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Are you thinking that the time is coming to paint the walls in your living room, but you are having a hard time choosing the right colors? The truth is that many of us face such problems, so we totally understand you.

On the one hand, you may think that the colors you already have in the living room are enough for its decoration. On the other hand, you may want to see a change in space, or follow a new fashion trend.

Fortunately, there are many beautiful living room wall color combinations to choose from. The criteria by which you choose can be various. For example, you may want to have a bright living room.

Also, you may want to have a happy living room, or a completely relaxing living room. Of course, you may be looking for colors that will suit a certain decorating style. These and many more may cross your mind when trying to choose colors.

Gray & White. Gray is one of the colors that have recently become very popular for interior decoration. It is one of the dominant colors for industrial and minimalist decorating styles, which are here to stay. But why is gray worth your attention, regardless of your preferred decorating style? Because it is simple, easily combined with other colors and has many shades, depending on taste. Of course, if you are thinking of painting the walls of your living room dark gray, we will suggest you to combine them with a white ceiling. Thus, the space that looks more open, spacious and bright.

Gray & Brown. If you are interested in the most balanced color combinations for living room walls, then gray together with brown is your attention. Indeed, gray is one of the most modern fashion trends in decoration. However, if applied on its own to the walls, the effect can look a bit cold. On the contrary, brown belongs to earth colors, which intensify the feelings of security, balance, warmth and stability. Thus, a combination between the two colors can bring an excellent result, which will surprise you.

Blue & White. Light blue, as a shade of blue, is the color of dreams. It contributes to the space exuding relaxation and calmness. For this reason, it is one of the most suitable options if you notice that you have particular problems of anxiety and over-intensity. Of course, light blue has various shades and some are softer, like pastel. If your living room is small, you might be interested in a light shade that highlights the space. As for white, it is your helper in trying to keep your decoration from looking monotonous. We could recommend you to paint one living room wall blue and the rest white for a unique effect!

Brown & White. In case you are concerned about the most luxurious color combinations for living room walls, maybe here is the solution you are looking for. Dark brown is a warm and friendly color, but it can inspire an air of luxury if paired right. For example, if you have a fireplace in your living room, you can paint the wall around the fireplace brown and the rest white. What will you achieve like this? For starters, it will highlight the presence of the fireplace with the contrasting colors. Also, you will see your living room transform into a magnificent living room, especially if the floor is wooden. Finally, you will say that the wall around the fireplace does not get dirty easily.

Beige & Brown. It is a warm color combination, which is supposed to bring comfort, balance and style to your living room. Of course, beige is a light shade of brown. This means that both colors of the combination are earthy. This fact means, in simple words, that beige and brown have relaxing information and make a space seem happier. In case you are looking for fall living room decoration area, you can seriously consider this idea as autumn and winter are the prime seasons where the house should look more warm and welcoming. To maintain the brightness of the room, it is recommended to choose a very light shade of beige, so that there is no problem.

Yellow & White. Are you thinking about how to make your living room happier? The most refreshing and cheerful color combinations for walls definitely contain warm colors. The dominant warm colors are, of course, red and yellow. Of course, we will not suggest you to combine red with yellow. Such a combination can be too flashy and unsettling, which may not be desirable. If you are thinking of painting the walls of the living room yellow, keep in mind that yellow is a color that attracts attention. Its combination with white brings brightness, joy and will attract many eyes.

Orange & Yellow. Mixing red and yellow brings another happy and vibrant color, orange. The color orange is warm and friendly. For this reason, it fits harmoniously with living rooms, but also bedrooms. Like all colors, orange has various tones that you can choose from. If you choose a soft shade of orange, like peach, there’s no problem lining a room with just that. However, if you’re thinking of using bright orange, I’d suggest pairing it with a very soft shade of yellow. This combination will bring warmth and joy to the living room, but without going out of proportion.

Red & White. Red is the king of warm colors. Some cheerful color combinations for living room walls include red, along with white, light beige, or light gray. But why not just paint the walls red? Like yellow, so is red, it is a very intense color, which can upset you, or create an overload if you see it on large surfaces. If, if you want to combine your favorite red sofa covers with red walls, we have the solution for you. Paint only one wall of the living room red so that it contrasts with the light shade of the rest of the walls. The goal is to collect all that it offers you.

Green & Beige. Light green is a happy and special color, but at the same time relaxing. It helps to concentrate and balance the spirit, while it does not connect us with nature. You can offer yourself a unique living room decoration, which will impress you, no matter how often you see it. But why combine light green with beige? Beige is a very subtle color, which tends to “disappear”. In other words, it makes sure that the color it is paired with is the center of attention. Thus, it brings an excellent balance when you wish to use bright colors in your decoration.

Green Brown. For the end, we kept a really unique idea, which is impressive, but also relaxing. The combination of light green and dark brown is cheerful and intimate. It enhances the mood for friendly conversation and gatherings at home. However, it manages to look sophisticated and modern. Without a doubt, these two colors are very popular, each for their own reasons. When tried together, they break away from traditional norms and have a modern and dreamy effect.

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