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The choice of colors in your daily life is not random. These have the ability to provoke emotional reactions while affecting your mood and physical condition.

One way to take advantage of their positive qualities, is to achieve harmony and balance through the decoration and more specifically, through the color on the walls, which has great weight.

These are the shades that will make you feel relaxed and will relieve you of anxiety and stress or even, will improve the quality of your sleep, providing you with a feeling of security, without losing any point from the elegance of the space.

Be inspired by the following suggestions and put a new touch to your shelter!

Light green

The color of nature. It symbolizes peace, health, good luck, fertility, euphoria, while it has relaxing properties for it and is preferred by many decorators. Avoid bright and vibrant green.

Dusty pink

Or a more “dirty” but extremely interesting pink, which has become a trend in women’s fashion. Paint the walls in this shade and soften the energy of any space.

Cold gray

Neutral color with balanced quality that makes it ideal for creating a calm and peaceful environment and reducing stress.

The summer trends in wall colors that will bring summer to your living room

Light blue

Lie down on your bed and indulge in the magic of heaven! An ideal solution for all dreamers is the light blue that covers the ceiling or the walls of the bedroom. According to feng shui, it has a relaxing effect on both the mind and the body and is considered to reduce blood pressure.

Deep blue

It symbolizes calm and sweetness, purity, coolness, harmony, patience, imagination, devotion and protection. It reminds us of the peace we seek every time in the endless blue of the sea.


Classy and “warm”. It relaxes and calms the senses, filling the space with positive energy. One of the most delicate colors that makes the decoration more charming and sweeter.

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