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It is easy to use your feng shui to create a happy home and a positive atmosphere in your space. And the use of colors is vital to create that atmosphere. So, see what energy each color creates in your space and decide the ideal one for you.


The brightest color of the rainbow symbolizes the sun, nourishment and happiness and is a positive intervention in any space. All shades of yellow show welcoming spaces all you have to do is not what you like.


In Chinese culture, red is the color of luck, excitement and romance. Dark red walls or just a few red pillows on your couch that bring a positive aura to your space and will ignite passion (if you are looking for something like that).

Is there a color that can hide any ugly object?


There are many people who feel scared of red. For them, orange is a good alternative. If your goal is to have a good time with your family and friends, then you should know that orange is considered the most social color. It is also very warm and is considered one of the top colors of feng shui.


A beautiful color that symbolizes renewal and new beginning. According to feng shui green is a healing color and can improve your health. To maximize its energy you can use different shades in different parts of your home.

Quick changes that can change the living room at no cost


Simple and discreet – it can make a big difference in the area of ​​your home. White is a “pure” color that brings a sense of calm. Think of it as a base and put a few touches of color here and there to create a positive and happy atmosphere.


It is one of the best colors of feng shui and has a lot of information that makes it stand out. Blue symbolizes success and its various shades indicate that you can explore your options. The east side of the house is considered to promote good health, while if you put it in the southeast side it will bring you money and help your career. Do not hesitate, therefore, to use it at the first opportunity.

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