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At Christmas we want our home to overflow with festive spirit with its decoration! But when the space you have is limited, Christmas decoration becomes a challenge. So if you also have a small house, see here how you can make it look perfect at Christmas without looking claustrophobic!

It is true that the Christmas tree and all the other holiday decorations can limit the free space in the house. This is even more pronounced when the space you have is already limited. So see how to decorate a small house for Christmas!

Decorate the walls in a Christmas way

In a small space what you have to do is not to take advantage of the walls. This also applies to Christmas!

So make sure to decorate the walls in a Christmas way in order to free up space from the rest of the room.

For example, hang Christmas wreaths, decorate with Christmas signs and frames, with bows on the walls or in any other way you want!

Make a festive table

No matter how small your house is, you surely have at least a small coffee table in your living room. And in fact, this coffee table is usually placed centrally, so it catches the eye.

So this Christmas, make sure to put the coffee table in the mood for the holidays with various table decorations, such as candles, trees or figures.

Put your shelves in a Christmas atmosphere

Shelves are a smart idea in small homes. So if you already have shelves then you can very simply put them in a Christmas atmosphere with Christmas decorations, with garlands, with artificial snow and in many other ways!

Prefer a small or slender tree

If your living room is small, you don’t need to cram a big Christmas tree into it because you make it look smaller. There are alternatives for a small space that are just as nice. So prefer a mini tree or a thin tree which are considered very trendy!

Decorate with lots of lights

A well-lit space definitely looks bigger. This Christmas, take advantage of this tip and decorate your small house with plenty of lights to make it look bigger and more pleasant. So decorate with lights the tree, the tables, the garlands, the arches or even the walls and the result is impressive!

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