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After a difficult period of stress and study, the efforts are justified having managed to get into the school of your choice. Your new student house will house a lot of study, nostalgia, but also dreams as well as many moments of fun.

After finding the house that meets your requirements, organizing and decorating the space is the next key step. A list of everything necessary to buy what you need for your student house has been prepared (The list below will help a lot). Choose the equipment and decoration of the student house according to your needs, space and functionality.

Ideas and furniture for the student lounge

Sofa: Prefer a sofa bed so you can host your classmates or visiting relatives in your space!

Armchair: Beautiful and practical super relaxation solution for you and your friends.

Coffee table: Base for coffee glasses, party drinks or endless board games.

Dining Table and Chairs: Necessary to be comfortable.

Mirror: Useful because it enlarges the space, especially if it is placed opposite a window.

Stool – pouf – storage space: It will solve the problem of space, extra seating and storage.

Furniture and decoration for the student office

Office: You will definitely find in the link an office adapted to the space, modern or retro design according to your personal taste and necessary for the equipment of your home.

Office chair: Prefer it to be comfortable and relaxing for more creativity, performance and appetite for work (and for gaming!)

Bookcase: A bookcase with a beautiful design will house your books, notes and favorite items and will decorate the space beautifully

Desk lamp: For the endless evening hours of work and study.

Furniture and ideas for the student bedroom

Bed – mattress: Choose for your student house, the bed and mattress that suits you is not for resting during the study days but also during the entertainment days and even staying up all night.

Bedside table: To leave your book before going to sleep, to place the alarm clock or even the photos of your loved ones.

Wardrobe: If the house does not have a wardrobe, choose colors and design according to the rest of the furniture in the room.

Drawer: You can store clothes, sheets and other things that don’t fit in your closet.

Portable: Indispensable if you want to watch TV or read.

Student house: the list of necessary equipment and furniture!


Shoe rack: To store your shoes. Choose according to the comfort of the space.

Student kitchen – Equipment

Cookware and cooking tools.





Small electrical appliances

Student bathroom – Equipment

Pigal – Pedal

Laundry basket


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