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How to make the ultimate geometric wall. You will surely have noticed this idea with the geometric wall. It is an easy, creative and economical way to put up your wall and have an impressive result.

Do you want to make a small renovation in your space? Paint an empty wall and add some color to the room?

Here you will find how you can make this wonderful geometric pattern on your wall as well as some color combinations.

Get ideas, get inspired and immediately add color to your own room!

Before you start, make sure you have space to work with and cover the objects in the space.

Spread newspapers on the floor to protect yourself from potential paint accidents and cover furniture, desks or anything that doesn’t want to get dirty.

What will happen to you:

  • A ladder to reach the highest points of the wall.
  • Masking tape (Make sure to get a masking tape that is suitable for painting and won’t damage the wall)
  • The paints of your choice.
  • Brushes.
  • A casual top so you don’t get dirty.
  • Gloves
  1. Creating shapes with tape. The first step is to create the geometric shapes with the tape. Starting at the top, draw long lines with the tape. Continue creating smaller shapes with the tape. Make as many shapes as you want and in any size you want.
  2. Painting shapes. Read the paint instructions carefully. After making sure it is ready to use, start putting. First paint the shapes you want with one color. Make sure they are not stuck together, but spread out as much as possible. When you are done with one color, move on to the next and so on. Extra tip: You can paint each piece equally to make it easier for you to see which spot to paint and with which color.
  3. Dry and second coat. After applying all the colors with the first hand, let them dry well. When you’re sure they’re dry, apply a second coat of each color. If it started, pass a third to get the best possible result. When you are done with the repetitions, let the wall dry very well. It is very important to achieve the right result.
  4. Remove tapes. When you are sure that the wall has dried very well, start removing the tapes. It would be good to start from the highest points and work your way down. Slowly remove the tapes. If suppliers of the special tape for walls will reduce the possibility of peeling the back paint. When you are done removing the tapes, your wall will be ready. The result is very impressive and of course unique. You can choose from infinite colors and designs and create unique combinations.

Color ideas and combinations: Below, we have collected some amazing color combination ideas to inspire your own space too! In addition, you will see applications of this technique in various rooms of the house!

Half painted wall in grey-pink black.

Wall in shades of gray.

Gray-blue-yellow combination.

Combination of purple-burgundy-lilac-violet or pink with white.

A combination of light gray-veraman-dark gray or shades of light gray-yellow-veraman.

As you have seen, it is a fairly simple technique that does not require any knowledge to produce an impressive result.

You can decorate any part of your home you want, with any color combination you want.

Geometries are a modern choice that upgrades any room.

The options are unlimited, but the result remains impressive.

Don’t waste time and make this wonderful geometric wall yourself!

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