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Our home is the place in which we feel most ourselves. It is the space that makes us feel safe and calm away from her fatigue everyday life but also a place through which we can express ourselves and create. However, when we have spent a long time among the same things, furniture, colors and rooms, it makes sense to have the need for a change. This change does not have to be time-consuming or costly. Making small changes, step by step we can have a house that suits our character and will it offers us both the sense of renewal, which admittedly we all need, as well and the sense of peace.So, if you are ready for renewal, but without radical changes, below you will find simple guide to refresh your home and give it color and character.

  1. Add color: If your home is not particularly bright, or if most colors in furniture and decorations are neutral or dull, choose pastels or bold shades. This is not means you have to paint an entire room; you can put in a colorful rug or one with special designs, which will certainly give an air of renewal and color to every space home.
  2. Decorate with plants or flowers: One of the easiest ways to refresh any space in the house is by placing one or more bouquets of flowers. This way you will give an air of freshness but also a beautiful note. Alternatively, you can invest in beautiful plants that will make your home more “green”. Choose indoor plants, depending on the lighting of the room in which you will place them, but also plants that cannot respond to your daily life.
  3. Throws and pillows: Another very easy way to refresh the living room or bedroom is the various throws or pillows in different colors and designs. If, for example, you are tired of the color of your sofa, you can use a throw that will cover the entire part of it, without making it look almost new. Tip: Combine with pillows that have special colors and textures for even more character..
  4. Paint one or more walls: Of course, painting a wall or a room is a classic “solution” to refresh. Colors have: they can directly affect our mood and depending on the room, relax or energize us. A dark blue color for the bedroom wall can provide calmness and help sleep, while green is the color of renewal and can be ideal in the kitchen, living room or entrance of the house.
  5. Invest in candles: Candles, apart from making your home smell great, also act as very beautiful decorations. So choose packaging that has patterns or colors that match your decor and on the living room table, on shelves or anywhere it looks “empty”.
  6. Use baskets: Wicker baskets (which you can find in various colors) will give your home a boho look, but they will also help on a practical level. In them you can place various small things that make your space look messy, from magazines, to blankets, etc. So the space will look more orderly and, of course, you will know at all times where your things are.
  7. The work of art: Another timeless way to refresh and add color to your home as well as to express yourself creatively. Choose frames in different sizes, shapes and styles and hang on the walls your favorite works of art or even photos or pictures that remind you of beautiful moments. In fact, you can change at any time, depending on your mood and interests.
  8. Change the knobs: A small but miraculous solution: from the knobs on the kitchen cabinets to the entryway or bedroom furniture, changing the knobs can make all the difference. Choose the colors or materials that best match the decor and colors of your home – a knob in bronze or gold tone, for example, can give a vintage character to various pieces of furniture.
  9. Update your lighting: If your fixtures look old or have been in the same spot since you first decorated your home, it’s time for a change. Choose a lamp or a lampshade – an even more economical solution – to give each room a different character. A bamboo or a modern chandelier are ideal to create a beautiful atmosphere and unique interiors.
  10. Put wallpapers: If you don’t want to put up a wall, you can invest in wallpapers specially designed so as not to damage the color of the wall. Choose vibrant colors and prints and characters on one or more walls so that every room in the house has its own.
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