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The living room is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it is important that it is well designed. We have distinguished ourselves and present to you the 15 best living rooms, so that you can be inspired and change your living room in 2023!

Country style living room: Whoever designed this living room definitely knew how to achieve the country style without compromising on style and design. Shades of beige and gray work together with a few hints of floral, in a way that makes this living room approachable yet charming at the same time!

Living room in… fashion: Everything in this living room is aligned with the fashion of 2021 and 2022. Yet it also has a classic feel that will not change all the time. What to envy first? The fur-covered stools, the mirror between the windows or the layered rugs?

Minimal and hipster living room: It is so chic and has clean simple lines. Neutral tones keep things simple while bronze and rose gold accents make a difference and pleasantly surprise. The combination of simplicity and metal creates a very attractive sense of art! We would say that this is a modern version of midcentury decoration.

Salon of gender… female: Undeniably a salon of gender… female! Romantic colors, bold decorations and fabric elements come together to create a room full of vibrancy and style. The light coming through the windows bounces off the pink hues and golden natural tones, while the chandelier helps achieve even more relaxing romance!

And living room gender… male: From the absolute romance of the previous living room to the absolute mystery. A living room with dark gray walls, rich in natural light and furniture overflowing with masculinity. As strict and classic as a real man needs!

The Battle of the Colors: Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors! A striking abstract painting steals the show in this living room, proving that art is the fastest way to make any room come alive! Warm orange tones help balance the cool blue tones, keeping the living room balanced and inviting.

All-white Scandinavian living room: In the Scandinavian countries, they love natural light – mainly due to the lack of it – so the heavy use of white in living rooms helps to make the most of it. So white dominates in Scandinavian living rooms and in general in all Scandinavian rooms. The touches of green from indoor plants bring the outside in!

Maximal living room: We love our homes even more when we are surrounded by objects we love. Maximalism is the 2020 trend for our living rooms and it means more than your favorite colors, fabrics, accessories and decorations!

Modern living room with bold colors: Bold pops of color bring this eclectic living room to life. Bright pink stools and a blue velvet sofa break the monotony of black and white and it has a space you want to live in!

Living room of positive energy: A living room that fills you with energy and is not set up for magazine pages, but for living! Warm colors, plenty of natural light and indoor plants lift the mood.

Small and warm living room: By using a warm color palette of light green, cream, beige, gray and copper, the small living room may not seem bigger, but it looks more inviting. This is helped by the lovely check patterns found throughout the room and the finer texture of the woven wicker carpeting.

Beige classic living room: From our tribute to beige living rooms. Beige is not only very functional with modern aesthetic decoration, but also with classic. It can highlight both the antiques and the more classic, heavy design patterns of the furniture, making the space look more comfortable and airy. A feature of beige is that it goes with many
shades of parquet.

Black and white living room with gold: A favorite combination in fashion and decoration is black and white with gold. And this salon faithfully and successfully follows this rule. Black and white patterns and stripes combined with gold metal bookcases and beige details elevate the otherwise simple and youthful living room!

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