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Color is the most economical and easy way to change the feel of one room. Color shapes to a very large extent the way in which he perceives our brain the surrounding space⋅ can literally completely change the sensation that leaves space, even in elements and features such as size and shape of. If you want to radically change the feeling of your space, take a look in advice.

Grow or Shrink the Space…

Light colors and softer shades create an illusion more space – making the room look brighter and more spacious. Conversely, darker shades make the space seem somewhat smaller, more warm, yet imposing.
Often, we mistakenly think that dark shades make the room look claustrophobic, but this is not always the case: If you take care of the limits of each color which you will use not to meet the corners of the rooms, then this visual phenomenon is mitigated quite a bit.

Lower or Raise the Ceiling…

A darker shade on a room’s ceiling can make it look a little off less bright, but gives off a more romantic and warm atmosphere. On the other hand, it will make the ceiling look like it hugs the space, making it smaller visually, it should be avoided in rooms with low ceilings. On the contrary, the these tones are preferred in rooms that already have quite high ceilings. The classic choice for the ceiling of a room is white, or even something light shade, as it brightens the space and makes it appear larger than it is in

Play with the Shape of the Room

If the room you want to renovate is narrow, paint the two small walls of a darker tone than the older ones so they look like they’re coming towards you and the whole room to look more… squared. If you don’t have very large walls to paint, both in length and height and in four sides of the room, “break” the surface as follows: Use different colors for the top and bottom of the wall, with darker tone to characterize the underside. On the other hand, a design of vertical stripes adds height to the space, while horizontal ones

Indeed, clever color management can do wonders for the aura and the feeling left by the space. The secret is to know what you want and be aware the way to achieve it.

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