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The olive green in combination with the natural wood takes off the country style in the kitchen. Getting a rustic kitchen in your home doesn’t have to be a big task, especially when two coats of paint can make a huge difference in no time. These country-style kitchens exude a certain warmth and comfort that modern kitchens lack, so we’re definitely aiming for this room to be as inviting as possible.

But how will we succeed?
A modern version of the rustic kitchen usually includes materials such as wood, cotton and stone, while natural shades are a great way to make an instant change to the room.

If you have a small and dark kitchen, then choose light shades that are more reminiscent of a country style. Lighter colors such as olive green and off-white offer a more ‘country’ feel, which can be much lighter and airier if your kitchen is smaller.

But if you have more square footage at your disposal, then opting for darker neutrals such as rotten apple or terracotta, combined with a wooden kitchen worktop and paneled kitchen cabinets, is a good way to bring in a bit of the… “country . » inside your home.

A careful choice of fabrics, i.e. tablecloths or runners, kitchen towels or – why not – a rustic cooking apron,  as well as other rustic items here and there will complete the look.

Finally, this “seasoned” feel of an authentic rustic kitchen can easily be finished with furniture from antique stores in their natural wooden drain if they are in good condition or that you will paint in shades. Bring to mind an English country house as seen in magazines and your vision is complete!

Choose rich, green tones, as earth tones are a throwback to older, more traditional times.

Amp up the rustic decor by decorating with clay pots, wooden cutting boards and handmade glass jugs and vases.

Don’t underestimate the charm of adding a floating self wooden shelf to your rustic kitchen.

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