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These modern and smart color combinations fit into all areas of your home and challenge you to dare them!

Does your home need a change? What’s easier and cheaper than painting your walls, furniture and decorations. And because the idea of ​​using new colors may seem like a mountain to you, we suggest you fresh and modern ideas that you will put on the edge of the color palettes and get … work. The good news: these color combinations not only break out of the trivial but will illuminate and give a special style and style to a room in your home.

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Dark blue-green + Cognac Brown

These two rich and luxurious colors always work perfectly together. The mixture of blue and green in combination with the light yellow-brown color of cognac highlights and complements the earthy shades of your furniture and decorative accessories. In addition, this combination gives a refined style to areas dominated by white and gray shades. Do not be afraid to take advantage of these neutral shades and play freely with the textures, fabrics and frames with which you will decorate your space.

Orange + Brown + Green Chartres

Coffee creates the ideal background for the two different but equally intense and chic shades. The dark orange, after all, is a special color which, however, stands out a lot together with furniture with brown shades. And to give your space a more summery touch, dare to combine the above shades with the always happy and elegant green sartres.

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Navy blue + White + Dark Brown

It is a classic combination for your seaside cottage – and not only: dark blue and brown a strong and interesting contrast which, however, creates the right decorative conditions to highlight the furniture and accessories of any space. If white looks very … boring, dare to reflect it with luxurious and bright colors such as gold, copper and trivial to make your space more bright, fresh and modern.

Emerald + Meta Green

Green is a passe-partout color. Why do we say that? Its -literally- countless shades match perfectly with most colors. However, we are (almost) sure that until now I had not thought to combine the luxurious emerald green with the mint sweet! These two special shades have an interesting pair that goes beyond the ordinary and breaks any record of elegance. If, however, you are afraid of monochrome and want to create a super bright space with special energy, all you have to do is combine these two colors with white and black.

Gray-Purple + Sugar + Gray-Brown

These dreamy colors will give your space a relaxing and welcoming style, especially if you do not like bright and vibrant colors. To give your space a dramatic style and highlight this soft and discreet color palette, play with the size of the furniture and accessories with which you will decorate.

Yellow + Green

The glorious 70s are back and you can welcome them into your home with this impressive combination. Although intense and equally vivid, these two colors work so well with each other and are complementary in nature. Apart from the unique color contrast that appears, the bright yellow matches perfectly with the darker shades of green, giving depth to your space. And if you are afraid of the retro nature of this combination, all you have to do is avoid carpets, throws and curtains with colorful patterns.

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