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  • Very high humidity, combined with poor ventilation.
  • Water vapor condenses at the points of the masonry where there is insufficient thermal insulation or thermal bridges.
  • Accumulated moisture in the masonry (from problematic piping, ceilings, gutters, etc.)
  • Wall surface porosity. the wall paint is of poor quality and matte, pores which are nests for fungi
    Color ingredients can not make food for fungi.
  • Properly designed colors should not be food, but instead “kill” fungi. Mold fungus (an important cause of allergic reactions) gradually develops on these surfaces.

Transparent runs – glosses

  • To avoid condensation of water vapor inside, the heat improvement of the EXTERIOR masonry, where in addition to the application of external thermal insulation can be applied energy paint on the outer surface of the masonry.
  • In the accumulated problems needed to solve problems, ceilings, gutters, etc.
  • To repaint the surface, initially very good cleaning, application of fungicidal liquid and (after drying the surface) application of 1 layer of primer (insulating stains & primer) and to prevent the recurrence of mold fungus 1-2 layers (ecological, antimicrobial & hypoallergenic velvet matt plastic color) for preventive and sedative action or for sedative action.

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