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With a new color you can renew your space and bring your summer home!

With bright colors, summer can “enter” your home and change your mood. These are the trends this year:

Red Despite its intensity, red has already been declared the color of the year. It is no surprise, then, that many expect to see it on the walls of their home. We understand that the decision is not very easy, as red is a color with a strong presence. But do not let fear scare you – it is a color and only for the future. Red in small rooms (as long as they have natural light), but can also be used on a single wall to highlight it.

Hazy blue If you have not already noticed, we really like hazy blue – and not just us! The wide range of shades and the tonal variety of hazy blue make them the ideal color for decoration. On the “plus” that they fit in a room of the house. So do not hesitate to use them if you want a color with a strong personality that will leave you with a lot of decorative margins at the same time.

Light green Light green is the ideal color if you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Combines perfectly with earthy materials such as wood and creates environments that exude calm and a touch of nature. Do not hesitate to marry it with other colors for an impressive result. The colors that go well with light green include white, gray, orange and yellow.

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Yellow may not be a new trend, but it certainly is not one of the colors that seems to be fading soon. Intense, bright and full of personality are the characteristics that have made yellow one of the most popular choices. It is traditionally used for the kitchen, but it has been proven to fit almost any room in the house. If its intensity always stresses you, you can use it in small doses, adding some yellow summer touches to your space.

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