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It is not only the decoration but also the colors in the house that affect our mood.

According to psychological research, there are specific nuances that can positively or negatively affect our mood: to make us feel melancholy or to lift us up, to calm us down or to charge us.

A chromatologist, Sue Kim, explains what colors can positively affect our psychology at home.

“Everyone should look for the color that has been associated with happy moments. I would suggest everyone to make a “color chart” and think about which color is associated with joy. For many, bright colors are the ones that are associated with joy, while for others, the softest tones are the ones that fill them with positive emotions.

6 colors that radiate calm – Ideal for any area of ​​the house

  • Violet: For self-concentration and calm: For some it may be melancholy but the chromatologist argues that purple can create an ideal environment for reflection and calm.
  • Light green … to yellow: A tone that exudes good energy! It brings to mind spring and a feeling of excitement, according to the expert.
  • Light yellow: Yellow is associated with joy. With the warmth and rays of the sun. Yellow is a natural source of positive energy and emotions.
  • Blue for rest: It calms us and relaxes us. Helps in good sleep. A color ideal for a bedroom according to the expert.
  • Silver sage, the neutral: Exudes harmony and balance. Simplicity and elegance.

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