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Before choosing the color you need to think a lot! Does it fit his personality? Is it timeless enough or will it get boring once it hits puberty? Will it calm it down or is it too intense for the bedroom? But before you get stressed, we are here to help you!

You will find all of the above and even more through four key questions that will help you choose the right wall color for a children’s room.

  • Neutral colors for a children’s room or Bold?

Although blue and pink are always the most classic choices among wall colors for a child’s room, the years of choosing pink for the girl and light blue for the boy are long gone. There are countless options to lighten the color of a room, without resorting to such a common choice.

If you want to achieve a beautiful and bright result, without following the stereotypes, you can find unlimited alternatives such as neutral colors for a children’s room. If you are a lover of the classic, all you have to do is choose your favorite shade!

  • Neutral colors for a children’s room!

Timeless and affordable options, neutral colors for a child’s room are anything but boring. They go with everything, they are affordable and you can keep the same color even after your children grow up. Make the right choice for the space and you won’t lose.

  • Beige

We have glorified beige and its shades many times. The reason is simple. It matches everything in any space it enters and leaves you with unlimited options for decorating the space. So it is again the “king” among neutral colors for a children’s room. Choose it for your little one’s or little one’s room and play with room decorations and brightly colored fabrics.

  • Green of Meta

Relaxing and interesting, the mint green will give an original tone to the children’s room. Also as a shade it is known for calming and increasing the child’s concentration.

  • Lavender Purple

Another interesting suggestion that is appropriate for the gender of your child. Lavender purple increases the child’s creativity without creating an overload.

  • Light blue

It holds one of the first positions among neutral colors for a children’s room. Choose the pastel shade of blue for the shopping or girl’s children’s room and you will not lose.

  • Bold wall colors for a children’s room

Know that children love bright colors and patterns, so don’t be afraid of it. What you should keep in mind is one. Balance. Choose to paint a wall in a bold color or complement a soft shade with dynamic accessories. Thus, the colors that offer stimulation to your little one, without increasing the intensity of the room.

  • Orange

Orange is one of the most misunderstood wall colors for a child’s room. Although little used in the home, in recent years it has begun to occupy its own place in the world of decoration. It is a very warm and youthful color that fits perfectly in any children’s room.

It is considered to belong to the colors that enhance self-confidence, extroversion and sociability of the individual. Research even shows that the social nature of this color promotes discussion and cooperation, helping to develop the child’s communication skills.

Small decorative details and different color combinations can make orange an ideal wall color for a children’s room, regardless of gender. If you don’t want to start the space from scratch, you can prefer an original wallpaper. Our favorite shade? The orange of the mango!

  • Green

Like most natural wall colors for a children’s room, green is considered one of the most suitable. Although it looks more appropriate in a children’s room for boys, in fact this color offers many options and shades that are impossible to limit.

According to studies, green relaxes the spirit and can significantly contribute to the improvement of reading and understanding of the text by the child at an early age. Why not choose a color like this that promotes thinking and reduces stress?

This shade combined with baby pink make up an excellent color palette for decorating a girl’s room. As for the boys, you can brighten up the room with some red and blue details.

  • Blue

Blue is an amazing wall color for a child’s room. It has also been described as “the color of sleep”, a name that explains to a large extent why it is an ideal choice. Research shows that blue and its countless shades reduce feelings of anxiety and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Because your child’s peace and relaxation is one of the most important factors to consider, before choosing a wall color, we strongly recommend that you seriously consider this choice!

For the children’s room for girls, you can prefer a romantic combination of colors, such as white, pink and brown. When decorating a boy’s room, combinations with natural colors are preferred, for example green and brown.

  • Yellow

You might not know it but right after blue, yellow is considered the best choice for the bedroom. The color of the sun calms our nervous system, contributing significantly to relaxation. The soft shades immediately transform the atmosphere of the bedroom and “warm” the space. As for the wall color for a children’s room, it recommends a solution, since it fits both girlish and boyish styles. The only negative? It is a “difficult” color that requires special experience to look great!

Yellow creates a balance between minimalist and romantic, giving personality to the room. For a girl, you can compose incredible combinations with beige, salmon, orange and pink in the furniture and decorative elements. Thanks to its brightness, it can visually expand even the smallest room.

A little boy will definitely love the combination of yellow with a soft shade of gray and green. This wallpaper is so timeless that it can be kept from infancy through the child’s teenage and teenage years.

Popular wall colors and how they affect our psychology.

  • What style of decoration suits you?

If you already have a specific theme or style in mind that you want to follow, you need to choose the colors that can be supported. From romantic and vintage to modern and navy, you have to choose those shades that will take off. Otherwise, the result may be very different from what he had imagined.

  • Will you choose monochrome or a combination of colors?

The wall colors for children’s room that you can choose are completely. That’s why you have to decide from the beginning, if there is one that you really love and want to use only that one, or if you will choose a combination. If you tend towards the second, remember that it would be good to use one main color and up to 2 supporting shades.

  • Do you know how big the space is?

After you have decided on all of the above, you have to think about how you will adapt to your space. A room can be painted in such a way that it looks bigger, brighter or even tidier. What do you think your space needs?

  • Extra tip: When you choose the colors, contact an experienced painter. Choose only ecological colors for your baby’s room, and keep away from chemicals that can harm.

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