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The choice of colors and decorations in our home represent our character, our tastes, our philosophy. Summer is coming and we all know it’s the perfect time for a renovation. So, if you are thinking of changing the colors of your home and you don’t know what would suit you best so that you feel more beautiful the moments you spend in it, Astrology seems to have the answer for you. So according to Astrology, each zodiac sign has its own favorite color, which, even if it doesn’t know it, perfectly suits its character. What you have to do, if you want to have a house that will represent you, is to choose its color, according to your zodiac sign. So we decided to make an article that will explain which color suits you best every zodiac sign so that your home is truly…yours!

See in detail below:

What color suits the sign of Aries? (March 21 to April 19) Aries are known for their explosive nature and neediness, they don’t force themselves on people. Their leadership skills are many. Nothing more explosive and modern than the color red. The red color fits perfectly in the house of an Aries. You can paint the walls of your home with red details or by making modern two-tone colors, so that harmony is maintained in your favorite spaces. Don’t be afraid to buy in red which is one of your favourites. Usually Aries, even if it doesn’t seem like it, they really love decorations such as candles and vases. In these cases, buy the specific items, in red! Modern and suits you perfectly.

What color suits the Taurus sign? (April 20 to May 20) Tauruses are one of those animals that know how to make those around them feel safe. But apart from that. Tauruses are often very anxious people and sometimes, the stress overwhelms them. Thus, the colors that work beneficially for them are earthy colors in brown and beige shades. So choose to paint your house in earthy brown and beige shades, which by nature tend to relax people. After a stressful day at work, all you need is a space where you can relax. Your home should be this space.

What color suits the sign of Gemini? (May 21 to June 20) Geminis are known for their unique talent for attracting attention in a pleasing way. Nevertheless, they are tormented by the indecision that possesses them. After all, by nature, they have learned to live with…two personalities. The first is characterized by intelligence and the talent to deal with situations in time. The second has to do with their very good social skills. However, their indecisiveness often gets in the way of their plans. Thus, they need a space that, when they are in it, will help them make serious decisions without much trouble. The color mint is known by psychologists to help them concentrate more on their thoughts. So it seems that mint green is what you need for your home, now that you have made the decision to do the renovation. It is very original and modern and of course it will help you relax and think about your future plans.

Which color matches the sign of Cancer? (June 21 to July 22) Cancers are among the most tender and emotional of the zodiac. Their sensitivity is great, even if they sometimes try to hide it through a hard face. So, the color that suits them best is of course the warm and… tender coral. A color that brings beautiful emotions to the surface and which by its nature suits romantic, tender, sensitive and emotional people. Just what you need for sweet Cancer.

What color suits the sign of Leo? (July 23 to August 22) Leos are known for their creativity and artistic spirit. That is why they are often very messy. Their lifestyle is adventurous although they have a unique talent to gain the trust of others. The color that suits the…kings of the jungle is the beautiful and fiery yellow! A bright color, which will give style to your home and at the same time that reflects with great success, your fiery and warm heart.

What color suits the sign of Virgo? (August 23 to September 22) Virgos are among the animals characterized by their cleanliness and need, everything in the space they are in to be tidy. They are perfectionists, intelligent and extremely proud people. The practicality that they possess is also very great and they are the favorite friends of many because of their reliability. Because many times, however, Virgos are afraid to risk the moment, to do it. Soft peach is what you need. It is a modern and bright color, but its soft shades make it safe enough to match your own personality.

What color suits the sign of Libra? (September 23 to October 22) Libras are known for their need for harmony both in their daily lives and in their personal relationships, as well as in the spaces where they live and spend their time creatively. The most important place in every person’s life is their home. A Libra’s house should be painted in a very harmonious shade. This is also the case of powder blue. A fairly soft color, which can add seriousness to a space, while at the same time being quite modern!

What color suits the Scorpio sign? (October 23 to November 21) Scorpios are one of those little animals that want everything theirs. They are selfish, determined and in many cases vindictive. So the color that suited them best is an imposing and…cold color, just like they are. Velvet blue seems to be the ideal color for the house of Scorpio. It is imposing and cold and in fact, it is very modern.

What color suits Sagittarius? (November 22 to December 21) Sagittarius are carefree and liberal signs. You like to live your life to the extreme and are always cheerful. Many times, you wonder if you have taken the right direction, but the optimism that you have, makes you quickly overcome any insecurities. So Kryptonite green is what would suit your home. It is a beautiful color and quite modern, which tends to lift the mood of whoever faces it. Just like you, that is!

What color suits Capricorn? (December 22 to January 19) Capricorns are known for practicality, hard work, dedication and efficiency. This means that they are not so much interested in impressing others when it comes to decorating their home, as they are in being sure that they will have a practical space that will be easily decorated. This means that white is the ideal color for you. It matches everything, it can be combined with all your furniture and decorations and of course it gives luxury through simplicity. A classic color, for…classic people!

What color suits the sign of Aquarius? (January 20 to February 18) Aquarians are quite creative and eccentric as people. Many times their mental and inventive abilities are very great for this reason and vivid and original colors suit them. After all, they are not afraid to play with the colors and this…it seems.
The color that perfectly suits an Aquarius is fuchsia. Vibrant, extremely bright and of course eccentric, since apart from children’s rooms, we rarely see houses painted in such shades! Aquarius, you know what to do in this year’s renovation.

What color matches the sign of Pisces? (February 19 to March 20) Pisces are known for their selflessness. Many times they sympathize with the people around them and have a tendency to easily put themselves in the “shoes” of others. However, this can often make you miserable. So the shade of amethyst or more commonly…violet, can give color and intensity to your spaces, as well as lift your own mood! Ultra modern and a must for Pisces.

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