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Super Beton creates a water-soluble, weather-resistant protective coating for almost all exterior surfaces.

  • Great water permeability
  • Low odor
  • Weather resistant
  • It applies easily
  • It is easily applied
  • Suitable for use
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Product Details

SUPER BETON is a matte acrylic exterior paint suitable for professional applications and for surfaces where frequent repainting is necessary. It provides easy work with very good spread, great coverage with strong adhesion to any kind of external building surface such as public buildings, schools, hospitals, sports and entertainment areas. It offers great resistance to weather conditions as well as to time with watercolor while allowing the moisture of the building’s structures to breathe and is relatively odorless. The final surface is characterized by a uniform effect.

Product Properties

Color: White and TOXROMA shades
Density: 1.51 +/- 0.02 g/mL (EN ISO 2811-1)
Viscosity: 115 +/- 5 KU ASTM D 562)
pH: 8-9.5 (EN ISO 1346)
Water Vapor Permeability: Sd=0.25±0.02 m (EN ISO 7783- 2, 0.14 <Sd<1.4, medium class II)
Water Permeability: w=0.08 ± 0.02 kg. / m2h0.5
(EN ISO 1504-2 0.10 ≤ 0.14 ≤1.4, medium, class II)
Adhesion: :≥1.7 MPa (EN 1542 )
Gloss Level: : < 10, Mat (EN ISO 2813: <10, at 85˚)
Coverage: : ≥ 96% (EN ISO 6504-3) (performance ≥10 m²/l)
Whiteness: ≥ 87 (EN ISO 6504-3)
Resistance to wet abrasion: CLASS 2 (EN ISO 11998: 5 <7 <20 μm in 200 washing cycles)
Touch time: ½ -1 hours at +23ºC
Repainting time: 3-4 hours at +23ºC..

Substrate preparation

SUPER BETON goes up to paintable exterior surfaces such as cement boards, plaster, concrete, brickwork, plasterboard, wood, etc. old or new surfaces after their preparation with a corresponding primer. The substrate to be painted must be clean and dry, free of dust, foreign matter, rust, oil, dust, and other contaminants that can cause loose adhesion. In case there are no voids on the surface, they should be filled with suitable products. This is followed by application either with an Acrylic Water Primer after dilution with water 1:3 to 1:4 or with a micronized primer diluted with water up to 50% (especially for surfaces with very low quality paints, or with a very loose substrate in which case removed by simple rubbing) or with a solvent primer diluted up to 100% with white spirit solvent. Depending on the absorption of the substrate, the consumption of the primer ranges from 100-200 gr/m2.

Product Application

The product is mixed with water at a rate of 5-10% and stirred lightly. It is applied in 2 layers for the best result and at a consumption of approximately 10 m2/Lt per layer.


SUPER BETON is available in packages of 0.75 Lt, 3 Lt, 9 Lt.

Life Time -Storage

The product has a shelf life of 24 months in sealed closed containers and should be stored between 5-35 oC. Protect the product especially from direct sunlight and frost.

Volatile Organic Compounds WTO

According to Directive 2004/42/EC (Annex II, table A), the maximum allowed content of WOC for product subcategory c, type Y is 40 g/l (2010) for ready-to-use product. Based on Directive 2004/42/EC. The ready-to-use SUPER BETON 100% product has a maximum VOC content of ≤40gr/L.

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