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Decorating with pastel colors is not an easy task, and to achieve a beautiful result you need to know a couple of tricks from the professionals. We present them to you! The pastel shades are extremely relaxing and put you right in the spring or summer mood. That’s why it’s just what we need for our living room. In Spring and Summer, we want softer shades that offer a feeling of coolness in the space. That is why pastel shades will star in the decoration and specialty in the decoration of the living room. They are cool, they are romantic and light and now that the weather is opening, the time has come for a renovation. Pastels are soft colors that suit the decoration of the house but they need attention in how you integrate them. These colors are perfect because they can give freshness to a space and make it look more welcoming, but on the other hand they have the risk of looking too “childish” if you don’t decorate them in the right way.

Combination with white. Pastel colors need their best “companion”, white, to look good and stand out as they should. White brings a balance and makes them not look so childish. The best option is to put it on larger surfaces like the floor, walls and maybe on some furniture and let the pastels bring their life to the rest of the decor. The ideal combination would be white with pastels in a ratio of 2 to 1.

Beige and gray shades. Gray is a color that will star in this year’s decoration and when we find it in pastel shades, it is anything but dark and wintery. You can combine it with petrol curtains and beige furniture.

Combination with different textures. Pastel colors can become quite boring if not enhanced with decoration based on textures. Combine pastels with furniture and decorations from various materials,
such as metal and wood to give a stronger character to the room.

Amp up pastels with pastels. If your decoration is based on other shades but you want to give pastel touches, then don’t just put a pillow with pastel pink shades. Enhance and bring balance to the space by adding, for example, a pastel armchair or a vase in a pale pink shade at the other end of the room.

Play with petrol and pink. It seems that petrol is one of the dominant colors and it is a color that offers relaxation as well as prestige in any space. If you want to highlight your living room, the best thing to do is to experiment with pastel petrol and pastel pink.

Say yes to pink. When we think of pastel the first color that comes to our mind is pink since the specific color in this shade is modern and sweet not only in decoration but also in fashion. You can use pastel pink as a base and play with more intense shades in furniture and decorations.

The sea is wonderful in the Summer. Both in Spring and Summer when we want to bring a bit of the climate of the season into our living room the first thing we think of as a color is the sea. It is a color that relaxes and creates a cool feeling in your living room.

The pastel is vintage. Pastel may be the trend of the season though and vintage may be taken from the past but it is more modern than ever. So you can play with vintage elements in your living room in addition to pastel shades.

Use pastel to highlight other colors. This is generally a rule in decoration. If you have furniture in bright colors and you want to achieve a more pop art effect in your decoration, then the base of the house should be pastel and somewhat neutral. In this way you will emphasize the bright colors of the decorations and furniture and at the same time you will not overload the house. Try it!

Pastel in all shades. The pastel shades are beautiful in the decoration of the living room. You can also choose them in more minimal decorations as below and you will surely love the spring or summer decoration of your home.

They also suit traditional houses. As we said the vintage element is more modern than ever in recent years. However, if your house is not vintage on purpose but because that’s how you found it and you don’t have the money to change it, you can make it more modern than ever with the right pastel shades on the walls.

Combine pastel with fluo. Bold fluorescent accents go well with pastel colors as they create the ideal color contrast that a space needs. Decorate your home with pastel shades and add a few decorations in fluorescent colors to give intensity and liveliness to the space.

Combine gray with pastels. Soft gray is a color that no

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