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By changing the color in your bedroom you will sleep much better and your life will be transformed. This at least supports a research that wants the color of your bedroom to affect your life as well as your sleep.

Blue. According to research, people who have rooms with blue walls sleep the most hours of all. Specifically, they sleep an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes. This association of sleep with blue is not accidental. Blue is also associated with calmness and lowers the heart rate, lowering blood pressure at the same time. It is no coincidence, then, that more than half of those who took part in the research and sleep in rooms with blue walls emphasized that they wake up happy every morning. Choose blue color for the walls of your room and decorate with earth tones, white and gray that go well with blue. Make sure that the larger surfaces of the room are covered with blue shades and choose the smaller decorations and furniture in other colors.

Yellow. As surprising as this fact may be to you, yellow is the second best color for a bedroom. This particular color stimulates the nervous system, helps relaxation and calms the body and spirit. For the walls of your room choose soft shades of yellow and give some life to the space with brown and yellow decorations in more intense shades. Pale yellow is the second best shade for good and deep sleep.

Green. The third best color choice to sleep better is green. 22% of respondents who sleep in a room with green walls reported that every morning they woke up feeling optimistic and very positive energy. Pistachio is a very beautiful shade for a bedroom. It combines beautifully with fuchsia and pink decorations and flowers.

Silver. The understated color adds luxury to a bedroom and is the 4th best choice. 1/5 of the people who took part in the research and sleep in rooms with insignificant decorative elements pointed out that this color promotes them to exercise more in the bedroom.

Orange. Shades of orange add warmth and a relaxing atmosphere that, according to experts, is especially helpful for digestion. The orange color relaxes the muscles of the body, so it will be easier to sleep at night. Orange is a very intense color and to “break” it you can combine it with white or some other shades such as brown and gray.

Purple. Purple is the color of wealth and is considered ideal for the bedroom. There are many shades of it that calm us down, help us eliminate stress and give us rest. Therefore, do not separate the reason because the only thing that is certain is that you do not want to leave.

Dark brown. It can be an earth tone and a nice choice for decoration but it would be best not to put this particular color on your walls because it is too dark. However, it is a very good choice and a great trend in wooden furniture. A bedroom with wooden furniture makes your space warmer, more welcoming and calmer. Combine them with light textures in fabrics and rugs and with colors like off-whites, pastels, greens and light blues.

Gray. Dark gray is not a good choice for a bedroom. Most of the people surveyed spent most of their time in bed shopping online rather than trying to sleep. Dark brown and dark gray are two colors that are easily combined with many shades. If the walls in your bedroom are painted in one of these two shades then maybe it would be good to influence the decoration of the rest of the room with older and softer colors to make it brighter, more calm changing its atmosphere from heavy and depressing to happy and light.

Red. Red may be considered the color of passion, but according to experts, it is the worst choice for a bedroom. The survey participants stated that sex in bedrooms with red walls is only done once a week on average.

White or off-white. White is bright, makes the space look more comfortable, cleaner and tends to induce calmness. However, there is a slight problem as it can appear cold or too monotonous. To avoid this trap a good solution is to use different textures and combine whites and off-whites with natural materials, but also add a few colored touches.

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