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Does the weakness we show in certain shades, reveal anything about our personality?

Yes, according to Leatrice Eiseman, who divides the shades into specific groups that express our personality traits:

The warm ones: Yellow-Orange-Peach-Pink

The shades of yellow, orange and their relatives peach and pink reveal a man who is born to be a host as he has a warm and friendly personality who loves to invite people home. It is no coincidence that these shades are warm and bright.

What shade has flooded Pinterest?

The colors of the sea: Light Blue-Green

As Leatrice Eiseman points out, “the reaction we have to a color often stems from the element of nature with which we are associated.” Thus, the water element is associated with tones of blue, trees and plants with green. So if you choose to paint the walls of the house in blue or blue shades then you probably want your space to be an oasis of calm in your hectic daily life and you are probably introverted.

The shades of precious stones: Emerald-Sapphire-Ruby-Amethyst-Topaz

If you love the shades of precious stones, so mainly bright red, purple, green, then you are probably an extroverted person, with self-confidence and creative mood. The people who choose them seek their environment to be a source of inspiration. A room painted for example in purple tones looks bright, impressive and imposing but not cold, on the contrary it creates a sense of intimacy.

Colors used by Decorators

Neutrals: White-Beige-Gray-Brown-Ivory

Do you miss the walk on the rocks along the coastline, are you a fan of sculpture, of marble buildings? Then you probably like the feeling of permanence and the classic look. You do not like the changes for this and you choose shades that are timeless or you may be a practical mind and want to play with the color only in the accessories (pillows, curtains) or in the furniture (a sofa in a bright color).

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