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There is a color that can hide an ugly object from your space and make it almost invisible. See what this is.

Disney parks and color experts have found many secrets that are slowly being revealed. One of them is the color that makes any object that wants to go unnoticed, not to be seen by anyone.

It is a combination of gray and green. It is a shade that blends well with the environment (whatever it is) and so is widely used in warehouse doors, back doors and trash cans all over Disney. As a result, they pay no attention to these objects.

Mistakes you make when hanging frames!

You can do the same in your home. If you do not hide something (a fence that you do not like -if you have a yard- a garbage can or even the railings of your terrace) paint them in it and do not worry. You will immediately see the “bad” or boring elements of the decoration “disappear” in the background. It is as if they do not exist. Disney’s magic has a lot to teach us…

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