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Choose lilac

Create a sense of serenity in the office with light purple.


This week we will analyze the color of imagination and spirituality, lilac!

The lilac color is a combination of red and blue, possessing the energy and power of the former and the integrity of the latter. Its main shades are purple, lilac, violet and plum.

It is considered that the color lilac acrobatizes between reality and fantasy, for this reason it is considered the color that contributes to spiritual balance and peace. As such, it “weighs” the two worlds and the good of each.

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Artists from all walks of life are inspired by the magic and mystery of lilac. After all, it is a color that gives the impression of independence and uniqueness, and that stands out, as is the case with artists! It is this independent power that makes it a symbol of superiority, wealth and luxury, figuratively and literally.

For which people is it suitable:

Lilac is preferred by creative people, with a “restless” spirit and sensibilities, who care about those around them and feel their needs. That’s why they are one of the first people to turn to when they have a problem or need advice. As for themselves, these people have modesty, they are calm, they respect themselves and others, being a very positive example for them, which inspires them.

Those who love lilac, love travel and new experiences, are ambitious and pursue their dreams. But because of this disposition to find many things, sometimes they have difficulty with details and leave the solution of more complex problems to others.

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Where to adopt lilac:

Lilac can be used on walls alternately in its various tones or in combination with “pale” colors or white. Avoid the exclusive lilac in a single tone when it comes to the same space. Having the above, it is a very good choice for the adult bedroom and for living room

Due to its mystery, richness and sensuality, it is also suitable for fabrics that dress the bedroom. If your sofa is gray (light or dark), white, off-white, beige or yellow, purple pillows, either plain or patterned, will fit perfectly! But remember that due to the intensity and imposingness of the purple, it must be used carefully because there is a risk that it will “drown” you with its superiority and cause melancholy.

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