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Decorate a tiny living room

If you feel that the walls of your living room are drowning, there is an easy rule to follow: a brighter room that always looks bigger compared to a darker one. Light-reflecting colors are the easiest way to light up a space – think soft tones of blue and green, cream, chamomile yellow and vibrant white. If you have a narrow space, try using a darker color on the smaller walls and a lighter shade on the larger walls to help visually enhance the room.

Smart ways to add color to your home

One of the easiest ways to visually “expand” a small living room is not to use bold, bright colors in unexpected places. For example, use a light-colored brush in a bookcase or on a windowsill. If you are in the creative mood, you can create a photo with bright colors or use stencils – you could even stencil paint a floor lamp on the wall and make the lamp and the cable as in this photo. Creating an interesting visual focus, will help to catch the eye from the small, crowded places and will make the room look more spacious.

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