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“We have finished decorating the children’s room, but what other rooms in the house to renew the baby?”

It’s perfectly normal to focus your energy on decorating your children’s room when preparing your home for this wonderful coming. But the children’s room is not the only part of the house where you and your baby will spend time.

Here, we suggest you which rooms to prioritize when you do not have much time.

Warm neutral bedroom

With the watchful nights coming, you need to make sure that you enjoy your bedroom so much that you enjoy spending time there, especially if you decide to have your baby by your side during the first few months.

Cool neutrals are a great antidote for tired eyes or use warm creamy shades for a smoky effect.

Combining different textures and finishes – such as cotton sheets, a rug with a thick pile and soft covers – will help you feel comfortable in the room.

Ways to transform your living room!

A relaxing gray living room

Friends and family looking forward to meeting the new family member, so make sure your living room is ready for guests.

To make changes after the baby better not to go through your mind, so consider doing a refresh now using an old of calm colors. Shades such as gray or gray-blue, have a timeless quality that will create a relaxing environment for you and your baby while at the same time your guests will like it.

A comfortable room for guests

If you have an extra room, now is the time to make sure it is ready to accommodate grandma, grandpa and everyone who will help you in the first few months. It can also be a great place to store baby accessories – the diapers you buy with stress boxes do not run out and the multiple gifts they will bring to your baby.

Create a versatile space by choosing a neutral color that you can combine with simple furniture and accessories. Think relaxing shades like light blue or warm neutrals like brown or brown.

A few small touches, such as a cute plant, a scented candle or a soft rug, will indicate that the room is always ready – even for the unexpected guests!

Is there a color that can hide any ugly object?

Happy baby in the children’s room

Chances are, both you and your baby will spend a lot of time on the floor in the years to come. Whether you are playing together or taking his first steps, you will want to have something soft on the floor.

Choose a comfortable, durable rug that complements the color of your walls and some soft floor cushions.

How to paint like a professional!

You may also want to start thinking about removing or covering any hard surfaces that might be blocking your little one. This could be as simple as rearranging your furniture to create more floor space or replacing your coffee table with a soft pouf.

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