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The yellow color becomes decisive in the creation of a working environment, which combines two main advantages: On the one hand, a complete image of an impressive office, pleasant for the stay of visitors, but also ideal for business discussions. On the other hand, the composition of an atmosphere that will help create the most correct working conditions, which in turn will ensure the best work performance. The color yellow has the ability to combine the serious style of a well-organized office with a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, a must for any transaction. By the same logic, a shade of brown or gray gives a personal style to every space.

Color can play a decisive role in a solution that is gaining more and more ground in our time: the home-office. In this case, the right choice of shade can transform even the most impersonal space into an environment of working comfort and high professional performance. 

An original solution for a modern and dynamic work environment is the combination of a table with two shelves, in front of a strong shade on the wall, which can be repeated on other surfaces in the same room. The yellow color in this case works as an ideal background, which in combination with the rest of the white wall surfaces highlights flawless colors and materials, composing the most suitable space for work at home. A sophisticated shade of pink is the ideal background both for the metal folding table that houses the computer screen, and for the very functional shelves with the same metal frame. The combination of this shade with the “white” wood of the floor but also with the black “calogero” and the two modern lamps that appear from the ceiling, completes a unique image, which ensures the best working conditions in a modern and comfortable environment .

How will you know if a deco item is timeless or a trend?

Comfortable, functional spaces, with modern ergonomic furniture, with studied combinations of natural and artificial light and most importantly: with correctly chosen color! These are the basic requirements for creating a proper atmosphere for working at home. For the composition of a suitable working environment that will not only ensure better returns but also give us a better mood and appetite for work! The creation of a perfect professional space at home starts with the selection of the right color and its correct application on all vertical surfaces. And it ends with the completion of a simple, pleasant and functional decoration, without exaggerations. The very practical solution with the thin metal rectangular grids hung on the wall above the table, gives its own style to the entire space of a small but very functional office, inside the house. A dark green shade on the walls, is without another imposing presence, whose “austerity” is measured by the simple style of the rest of the decoration, which combines the old with the modern and the right relationship of materials and shades.

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