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We searched and found ideas with stylish color schemes for the bathroom, in different decorative styles and shades, so you can see which suits you best! The bathroom is one of the easiest and most economical rooms with square meters to renovate and give as much personality as you want to the par excellence space of relaxation and peace.

The distinct color palettes they enjoy to the fullest feature from warm colors to modern neutrals to create a beautiful and unique bathroom that you will enjoy for many years to come. So let’s see ideas for your bathroom!

  • A tested and easy color palette is that of brown and green shades. The medium dark brown bathroom parquet, while from the greens the dark hunters green. The intense green shade of the wall is balanced by the parquet.
  • A very popular color palette is that of white and black along with shades of natural wood and a boho bath mat with the main color pink. Specifically, the whiter shades with the black lines and the gray encaustic Moroccan tiles with the also boho design!Add a translation in English
  • A very beautiful combination of white and gray together with three different shades of blue, creates an excellent color palette in the bathroom.

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  • Another case of an elegant bathroom with a sense of luxury, without necessarily being exact as a creation! Half of the bathroom should be covered with wood painted (so to speak) gray, while in the upper half the wallpaper is not cream and gray with an elegant pattern. Adding green, gold and silver is a way to keep the room color neutral so it appeals to a wider audience.
  • Simple and smart bathroom with imitation wood tile. Cream and brown are perfectly matched with white, giving a modern rustic aesthetic.
  • The octagonal mirror is extremely tasteful, in a space with navy blue, fashioner leaves and many gold details and a large amount of white throughout the room, in a luxurious and clean style.
  • If you have a little more time in the color options, a very rich and vibrant color like coral can be your salvation. It is combined with a floor with a geometric pattern, black matte metal and marble on the washbasin, in a very attractive color palette.
  • How can a small black bathroom be bright? A matte black onyx color for the bathroom wall makes things more difficult, but a mirror directly opposite the window is just the thing! This is one case where black is clearly your choice. Also in a very small room you can get more expensive tiles than you would get in a bigger one!
  • Shades of earth, burnt orange, sand and clay blend perfectly in the bathroom using exclusively a 70’s and 80’s color palette. The terracotta tile matches beautifully with bohemian shower tile. As if it were a Bedouin’s (decorator) bathroom in his home in the desert!
  • Black now belongs to the logical choices for bathrooms. Matte shade, in large quantity, which allows the rich natural light. Still keep the retro bathtub, the boho rug and the different shades of wood on the sink and the vintage reclaimed chest of drawers.

These were our modern choices for bathrooms of different types of decoration.

Overall they represent many different genres with a relatively minimalistic and austere sign. But this simply magnifies the tranquility, reducing the visual information, something absolutely desirable in the bathroom.

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