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Since you can’t part with it, see what you can do to make it work for you.

Tips to Transform Your Narrow and Small Hall!

Make everyone look up

If your ceiling is high then put a small or large chandelier in your hall.

If, on the other hand, your hall has a low ceiling, then you can put something smaller but impressive, such as the lights on the right and left of the ceiling, which will highlight the walls on both sides of the hall.

The reason is because you’ll want to draw attention away from the size of the room and onto the ceiling.

Emphasize the walls!!

If you like stripes then you could stripe your hall walls and instantly transform into a very special space.

Otherwise you can use another design or another color to give style.

However, don’t leave it monochromatic!!

Create a beautiful wall with interesting photos

On one of the two walls you can put some special family photos.

For example, have your kids make different faces and take the pictures.

Put these pictures on the hall wall.

Then do the same to yourself.

That way, anyone passing through the hall will be impressed by your funny photos and enter the rest of your home in a beautiful mood.

Also, you can put a large mirror on the wall to make your space look much bigger.

Carpet can make all the difference
A long narrow striped carpet that will cover the entire floor of the hall is a beautiful idea to beautify and love your little hall.

A mirror can make a room appear much larger by placing a mirror on one of its opposite walls

You don’t need to wallpaper all the walls of your hall.

Choose from them and see a beautiful wallpaper that will win impressions.

Go for something simple and beautiful rather than something extravagant that you will soon get tired of seeing.

If, in fact, the hall is located at the entrance of his house, it is better not to overdo it, since this space is the first and the last you will see every day.

10 Colors for ceilings that will give style to the space!

  1. White may be the most common of the colors for ceilings, but not without reason. White shades, as you may already know, reflect sunlight. Therefore, provided there are windows and doors, they make the space brighter. It gives the feeling that the space is larger and is an easy to combine color. You can decorate the rest of the elements as you wish without affecting the color of the ceiling.
  2. Turquoise. Shades of blue are said to bring a sense of calm to the space. Turquoise on the other hand also adds a vibrancy to the room due to its liveliness. Yes, it is an intense color, but it does not “darken” the space at all. It can be combined very harmoniously with white furniture or wooden decorative elements.
  3. Peach. If you like pink shades but don’t want the space to resemble a girl’s nursery, then use peach. Peach is a soft color that will not be particularly difficult to combine with the rest of the decoration. It matches harmoniously with beige shades, while you can combine with gray light walls thus adding an extra color.
  4. Orange. Colors for ceilings include orange. It is considered a warm color that does not tire the eye. It is not as intense as yellow, which is why it is chosen more. Brown and orange combine very nicely, creating calmness in the space.
  5. Gray. There are many shades of gray, either darker or lighter. Choose the one that will be best combined with the furniture of the space. It goes very well with white walls, but also blue or petrol, creating a contrast. As an extra tip, let us tell you that if you want to lower the room because the ceiling is quite high, there is a way! Do not stop painting where the ceiling meets but continue up to 10 cm from the beginning of the walls. In this way you will create an illusion for anyone who enters the space.
  6. Light blue. One of the most peaceful colors for ceilings is light blue. It gives you the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Light blue is a wild color that can be combined with many shades. Fashion dictates light blue with light green and gray, but it also goes well with less bold colors like beige. If you paint your ceiling blue, then complement the decoration with furniture or decorative elements of another shade of blue so that it blends harmoniously.
  7. Fuchsia. Yes, it’s a bold color and no, it’s not just for a girl’s room. Fuchsia gives a fun mood to the room.
  8. Green. One of the ceiling colors you can choose is green. This color represents hope and gives freshness to the space. It refers to a garden, flowers and spring, elements reminiscent of carefree. If you choose it for your ceiling, prefer to keep the walls of the room white so that the ceiling draws attention. It goes well with light-colored wooden furniture and beige or cream decorative elements.
  9. Purple. Shades of purple include a wide range from light lilac to dark aubergine. Light shades give the feeling of relaxation and peace. On the other hand, if you want an imposing element in the space, then choose dark purple. If you have black furniture in your living room and you want to give it an air of luxury, then choose dark purple to bring out your ceiling.
  10. And one more secret. To trick the eye and make the space appear brighter than it actually is, paint the room or the hallway leading to it a dark color that doesn’t contrast much. Maybe that means you should paint the walls, doors and ceiling of your hall blue. Whatever your needs, with this body trick that looks brighter every time you step into it.
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