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One of the most economical and at the same time beautiful things you can do in your home to make it happier is to paint it. See the spaces and objects that we suggest you put and make your mood with one move.

Heavily painted objects

Do you want a kitchen that will set your mood? And who did not want? Paint your chairs. You can put them all in a bright color (in combination with your decoration) or you can dare even more and put each one in a different color.

Bold front door

If the house is yours you can color your front door. Otherwise give the color of your choice to the interior doors of the house, which are usually white or cream. to put pink on your daughter’s room door, yellow on your bedroom door or red on your bathroom door. The choice is yours. We just give you the stimulus!

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Painted pots

Put in your color by painting your pots. Choose bright colors and set your mood immediately.

Colorful cabinets

Add color to your life and wake up in the morning (since the kitchen is one of the rooms you definitely visit every morning) by putting each of your kitchen cupboards in a different color. You can either choose colors that match the rest of your kitchen decor or let your imagination run wild and put whatever color comes to you.

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Umbrella desk

Give character and personality to your office by making the umbrella. Make with one white paint and another of your choice (blue, pink, purple or whatever you want) color combinations and different shades of the same color. Paint each shelf of your office in a different shade and you will see with a different eye.

Paint it one wall

Renew your room by putting only one of its walls. This way you will make your mood. After choosing a bright color and painting a wall of your room with it, put some decorative details of the same color in the room to match the “irrelevant” wall with the rest of the space.

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Colored shelves

If you have a white or neutral bookcase, give it a color by painting each shelf a different, bright color. This way you will emphasize the wall and the location of the specific library.

Children’s bed

A brightly painted crib will definitely excite your toddler (especially if he is small). Ask what color he wanted to put his bed and make the change together. Do not be afraid to ruin the bed. Your child will feel so satisfied that he will create something on his own that you will not care about a possible “destruction” of the bed (which is easily corrected anyway).

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