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Cracks appear on wooden varnished surfaces and the varnishes peel off, while the color of the wood has started to change.


  • Poor quality varnish without satisfactory adhesion and elasticity.
  • Multiple layers of old varnish.
  • Shrinkage and expansion of the wood and pumping – return of moisture from the wood to the environment, strain the protection varnish.
  • The varnished surface is exposed to weather conditions with large temperature fluctuations.
  • The varnish does not contain the appropriate UV filters to protect the wood from color changes.

Cracks or small cracks

  • As a precaution, the wooden surface should be primed with Conservative water and then varnished with water varnish. Water wood ensures the maximum possible protection in all weather conditions and compared to all solvent varnishes is superior, as it does not peel and does not peel, breathes, maintains and is easily repeated without the need to remove the previous varnish.
  • Suppressive, the surface to be cleaned of old varnish and maintained with wood water protection.

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