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The truth is that not all of us live in detached houses with large yards or in penthouses with huge balconies. Many of us live in apartments with small balconies that do not offer much comfort. Something like this, however, should not limit us to the issue of decoration. Many times, precisely because of the lack of space, we tend to neglect it. This may be due to the fact that we don’t think we can use our small balcony sufficiently. Nevertheless, it is not a reality, since every small space can stand out if it is decorated properly.

The same applies to our balcony, so if the situation described describes and you don’t know how to use your space creatively, keep reading to see how to decorate your small balcony!

8 ways to decorate your balcony even if it is small!

Make a small living room

Don’t be afraid to occupy the space that has a sofa. It would certainly resemble a cinema atmosphere and serve a climate of comfort. Approach it with elements such as plants or a small table for a harmonious whole!

Lay down a rug

Who said that carpets only belong indoors? You can give your balcony a view by choosing to cover it with a carpet. It would certainly create a very unique aesthetic, while it would be very tempting for relaxation and rest. However, you can “tie” the elements they choose with details such as pillows or special pots.

Use it for your books

If it has a space that is more like a small patio, it can be used for storage. So what better than dedicating them to your books? If you are a lover of books, you surely have at some point faced with the problem of storing them. You can easily make use of your small balcony and create a sophisticated study space!

Turn it into a workspace

Today’s technology and countless media have made working from home easier and more accessible than ever. So why not accompany them with some fresh air and sunshine. Turn your balcony into a mini workspace. Just think about the beauty of combining your favorite coffee with the sounds of the city or nature while you work!

Don’t forget the classic flowers

What is the most common element that is not missing from any – at least almost none – balcony? Flowers of course! If turning your balcony into any study or relaxation space isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean you have to leave it undecorated! You can make it look neat with a tasteful flower arrangement or a fence on the wall, as in the photo. Thus, you can save space, while your balcony will remain beautiful!

Paint your office in shades that inspire success

Dare to add a bed

Yes, you read that right, I’m talking about an ordinary bed! If you are more of an alternative type and are always looking for ways that are “outside your waters” to enrich your routine, then this is the perfect idea for you. Relaxed nights under the stars, drinks with your friends or journaling sessions when you need some alone time, it would definitely look like a scene out of a movie!

He created a balcony-park

For people looking for a more fairytale style in every space around them, there is definitely a solution! Transform your balcony into a picture of a park and give it a dreamy air and a unique aesthetic. As in the photo, a small iron canopy can be incorporated, which combined with appropriate decoration such as vases and climbing plants gave a really impressive effect.

He adopted the “zen” style

Asian-influenced figurines, pebbles, cacti and candle lanterns, the zen style is unique yet charming. If the minimalist element is closer to your taste, don’t hesitate to include them in your balcony!

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