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Acrylic paint

STARLINE HS is a high-quality acrylic solvent-based road-marking paint created especially for application on bitumen highway-roads, parking and open athletic fields even in cement-concrete substrate.  It is made by a mixture of hard performance special acrylic resins and additives intended to be used on new or old autoways surfaces. It features high durability, light reflectance and resistance in aging, wear and exterior conditions, while possessing hardness, elasticity and surface coverage. It is characterised by ease of application and excellent workability drying fast to an optimum adhesion final result. It is suitable for exterior and professional use. For higher reflectivity it is recommended to be used with special glass beads. STARLINE HS possesses international certification from aetec institute (of durability test road marking material and road marking performance in use) with reference code 5565/P-RW-II/A1 accordingly.
White, yellow, black, red, blue
Starline HS is available in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg containers.
Technical Specifications Download the pdf

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