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From bright green to light beige and from dark gray to light blue.

Colored paths that in their way indicate solutions ideal for every space.

Color options that can be adapted to even the most unusual decoration styles, even to the most specialized details of a modern or classic living room.


Whatever the impression of the color, gray provides a solution both for highlighting a modern design furniture, and for completing a simple but pleasant decoration in a classic style.

The variations of this shade can be infinite, and can be adapted each time to the materials and colors of each living room. A light, almost white shade emphasizes the original furnishing of a modern loft.

A somewhat darker tonality very cleverly brings out the green and white of an also modern day-to-day. And two darker shades of gray match perfectly with the presence of wood on the floor, the coffee table and the frames of two more “classic” living rooms.



Two colors with countless gradations that can be perfectly combined or work independently, completing some decorative solutions that stand out with their own styles.

The blue walls of a modern living room emit their own highlights that properly highlight both the blue armchairs and the blue sofa, as well as two original designed metal coffee tables. The red vertical surfaces of a more “classic” living room work against the wooden floor and two very valuable pieces of antique furniture. A cleverly applied technique of a darker shade of blue creates a distinct atmosphere in a living room that makes good use of the contrast of red and blue, completing a calm yet pleasant environment.


The furnishing of a classic living room can only stand out properly if it is combined with the right color. In the somewhat more “traditional” solutions presented on these pages, the color of the vertical surfaces works as an ideal background for both the furniture and the rest of the decorations.

The green-olive is a good choice that balances the many colors that appear in the ceiling light, painting and. in furniture fabrics. Light gray complements a more “serious” decoration in a very bright living room.

Finally, the white-beige on the walls is the best choice both for the sofa upholstered in white leather and for the wooden floor and dark wood coffee table.

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