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The purpose of Feng Shui in decoration is the harmonious placement of objects in the space so that the energies that penetrate it are not blocked.

Chi energy is the basis of Feng Shui philosophy. Water, fire, wood, metal and earth. Five Basic Elements, Five Forms for Chi Energy. Each of these elements is able to interact with the other and create continuity and tranquility.

Feng Shui was developed by the Chinese three thousand years ago, as a result of observing nature and the environment. The need to return to our roots and to a more natural way of life as possible has led to the rise in popularity of Feng Shui. More and more people are learning about his philosophy and applying its rules in their lives.

What you have to keep is that the energy must flow unhindered. Even if you don’t want to delve further, this should be remembered. And when we talk about energy, we refer both to our inner world and to the space that surrounds us.

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In the second we will stand and see how specific changes in decoration and the way you deal with objects in the house make a difference. The rules of Feng Shui are simple and based on harmony and balance. The “correct” placement of objects but also the removal of non-useful ones which results in attracting luck and prosperity. It won’t make you make big changes to the space, just small moves quick and easy.

Feng Shui: The basic rule for the bedroom

Mirrors, according to the rules of Feng Shui, need a lot of attention in whatever room of the house they are in. We will focus on the bedroom because most of us have inside it. Have you ever wondered what is the right place to put it? It is not a simple decision and certainly the rules of Feng Shui do not say to hang a mirror in the emptiest part of the wall.

Mirrors should not be placed directly opposite the balcony door or window, but also not in such a way that when you lie down you can see your reflection in them. Ideally, if you want to have a mirror inside the bedroom, you can place it on the inner side of the wardrobe leaves. The mirror opposite the bed sucks up all the energy and prevents good sleep. If it’s in the closet, you’ll only use it when you need it.

Feng Shui: The basic rule for the living room

The most basic rule for your living room is very simple. Is it time to arrange your furniture? Don’t block the line of sight to doors or windows as this blocks the energy of your space.

For furniture placed with its back to entry points, you should consider a different position. The sofa must have its back to the wall and not be in front, perpendicular or parallel to the entrance door.

Feng Shui: The basic rule for the kitchen

The oven is the most important item in the kitchen according to Feng Shui and should be treated as such. The oven brings good luck and attracts abundance.

In short, this means that he must always be clean. Lack of cleanliness and disorder in every area of ​​the house drives away good luck.

Feng Shui: The basic rule for the bathroom

The most basic rule for the bathroom is that everything works properly and that there are no broken furniture and sanitary ware.

The dripping faucet and cistern are in sos. The faucet needs a little tightening and you’re done.

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