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How many times during painting have we encountered problems that we wondered how to avoid? In today’s article we have gathered some tips and secrets that will definitely help you a lot in your future painting.

Cleaning wipes to soften latex paints

Facial cleansing wipes are not just for cleansing the face. The alcohol in them softens latex paints, and will not damage most surfaces (test to make sure first). They work best in paint that is already dry, just a few hours.

How to paint like a professional!

Screws for fingers clean

Finishing the painting on axes (eg table legs) is a pain, because you have to turn three sides, let it dry and then do the bottom and make the unfinished sides. Insert screws into the ends of the shafts and then support them on tripods. An added benefit is that you can keep your fingers out of the paint by holding the screws as you turn it in the paint.

The paper nails or screws on the legs of objects that you spray paint

Always when you put a chair with a spatula is difficult and time consuming do not expect to put the feet to the edges. Paint without problems using nails about 5cm at the bottom of the legs of the chair. The extra height makes it easier to paint, and even allows you to finish the bottom of the legs right away. This also works with paint brushes.

Painting wood how to renew worn wooden surfaces

Soften the glue on the paper tapes with heat

If it is difficult to remove the adhesive tape (paper tapes), and you damage when removing the surface finish, then heat with a hair dryer. The heat softens the glue. Then pull the tape at a 90-degree angle.

Hanger to drip the extra paint

Cut the bottom from a rigid wire of a hanger and loosen it to the end so that it crosses from the rim to fit in a container of paint. If we apply more paint we can drain the extra amount by passing our brush over the wire.

Cardboard box that prevents over-spraying

Avoid “spraying” with this smart spray booth made from a cardboard box. Make a hole in the top of the box. Cover the opening with a plastic wrap and one light on top to illuminate your project. You can use hangers, piercing the cardboard, to hang the objects you put and describe them for easier painting. So not only will your painting space be more tidy, but we will not soil our space by putting our works perfectly.

Prepare your home with colors for the arrival of a baby

A little heat makes an old paper tape look like new

Sometimes, a tape measure that sits on a shelf for years will not come off the roll without tearing. Bake in the microwave for 10 seconds. The heat softens the sticker for easier release.

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